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Review of Bandit’s Hideout in Pattaya, Thailand

Bandit’s Hideout is one of the many short time style bars on Soi 6 in Pattaya, Thailand. There are a lot of things that set it apart from the other short time bars on Soi 6 however. There seems to be a growing trend toward differentiation on Soi 6, whereas most bars used to follow basically the same formula up and down the strip.

Bandit's Hideout Bar

What sets Bandit’s Hideout apart? Well for starters it’s a mixed bar. That isn’t as rare as it used to be, but it’s still not the norm. What I mean by mixed is that the staff at the bar is made up partly of ladyboys and partly of “real women.” In the case of Bandit’s there seem to be six ladyboys working and about six regular girls. Of course this is subject to change at any minute. Nothing is fast in the desert but transformations can be quick in Southeast Asia. Just ask any post-op. The last time I stopped by there were only ladyboys on staff: a super aggressive Amazon and a more ladylike and attractive ladyboy who was on an intense hormone regime that allowed her to grow a nice natural set of boobs but rendered her willy ineffective for anything other than taking a leak.

Another thing that makes Bandit’s Hideout a little different is that the bar has an open front. Sure there are some other bars like that on Soi 6 too, but they at least seem to be in the minority. Most bars have glass fronts and closing doors, and for good reason. With an open front people on the street and in other bars can see what’s going on inside the bar. So Bandit’s Hideout isn’t much of a hideout at all. On top of that, an open front bar can’t be properly cooled with an air conditioner. Fans are nice, but they don’t always do the trick.

Finally, Bandit’s is probably the only bar on Soi 6 that has service workers who do not partake with customers. These two waitresses are probably the best looking real ladies in the bar, but as their t-shirt uniforms would indicate they are only there to deliver drinks. They don’t play with the customers.

Otherwise Bandit’s is a fairly normal bar, that is if anything on Soi 6 can be considered normal. It has large cushioned booth seating towards the back that does give some privacy. Really though anything requiring real privacy is probably done in the rooms upstairs, access by climbing an insanely steep set of stairs on the right side of the bar.

Bandit’s Hideout, Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for Facebook page with map.


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