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Review of Pat Bar 2 in Pattaya, Thailand

Pat Bar 2 is a ladyboy bar on the hectic and wild Soi 6 in Pattaya. As the name might suggest it is the second in a series of bars. The first Pat bar is right next door and has the unsurprising name of Pat Bar 1. Pat Bar 2 opened in what used to be a hair salon for the working women on the street, so it didn’t take the place of any other bar.

Pat 2 ladyboy bar Pattaya

Apparently, Pat Bar 2 was originally meant to be a bar for “regular girls” when it opened back in 2015. I don’t know what happened with that plan but almost right after it opened the bar was more of a mixed bag with both ladyboys and regular women. Nowadays it is a purely ladyboy bar which is probably a good thing for the fans of the third sex.

I personally don’t get the idea behind the mixed bars. People always try them out in Thailand but they never seem to be all that successful. Usually they end up in two directions. Either the bars are popular with guys looking for genetic girls and the few ladyboys on hand get ignored or even insulted by punters or the ladyboy lovers come to dominate and the regular women end up leaving the bar for greener pastures.

Whatever the case was at Pat Bar 2 it is now a bar staffed with ladyboys and visited by guys who like them. I don’t know how many first timers or experimenters end up at Pat Bar 2 but if I had to guess I would say that most of the customers at Pat Bar 2 are probably quite familiar with kathoeys.

That’s because the bar is totally open to the street. It’s not that big either. What that means is that people walking by the street can see right inside, so anyone shy about spending time with a ladyboy would be right out of luck.

It used to be that Soi 6 was only visited by people interested in what the street had to offer. Nowadays though it gets its fair share of tourist couples who love to gawk, including even some people who insist on recording everything they come across on their phones or handheld cameras. Who knows what they do with the footage. I guess they upload it to the internet so sexual deviants who dare visit known places of prostitution can be identified by facial recognition software and outed by artificial intelligence sometime in the near future. Or maybe not.

Whatever the case Pat Bar 2 never seems to get all that busy, but I doubt that has anything to do with fears of a Brave New World. It’s more likely that the place just gets lost in the mix of bars on the street, especially with scantly clad women and ladyboys out in the street trying to pull in customers.

There are usually around a half dozen ladyboys working at Pat Bar 2 on any given day. They tend to be on the older and more manly or “amazonian” side of things, though for some reason they aren’t that aggressive at all. They do hang in front of the bar looking for customers but I have never seen them run out and grab anyone as some of the other ladyboys (and ladies) on the same street do on a regular basis.

Inside the bar things are laid back and cool. The ladyboys are really relaxed and seem to go with the flow more than anything else. Drink prices are reasonable for the area and of course all the ladyboys on staff offer short time services in a room above the street for a grand total of around 1,300 Baht ($41 USD) though some will apparently do things for even less than that.

Pat Bar 2, Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map.

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