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Ladyboy escorts in Bangkok and Manila use Smooci

Smooci is a large escorting website in Southeast Asia. It started in Bangkok a year ago and quickly became the largest escort site in the city. Now it is expanded to other cities in Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore and Manila.

In the past I’ve written a lot about Thai ladyboys and Filipina ladyboys too. There are a lot more ladyboys in Bangkok than Manila, but that’s not really saying anything is it? Thailand is the land of ladyboys as much as it is the land of smiles. Manila has its fare share of ladyboys but with only one ladyboy bar in the city to speak of most of the Filipina chicks with dicks who want to get paid for play are stuck to prowling the internet or even the streets for customers.

Smooci will probably change a lot of things in Manila in terms of ladyboy escorts. It’s already changed a lot in Bangkok. There are lots of ladyboys on the site and they are competing for customers. It seems like prices have actually fallen in some cases while more sexual services have been offered.

What is Smooci?

If you don’t know, Smooci is an escorting website with a lot of users and features. Unlike the old escort agency websites or classified ad sites, Smooci was created specifically for escorting. All kinds of escorts use the site, and it only follows that a lot of customers do too.

When customers get to the Smooci website they can search for ladies in whatever city they want. They see the women or ladyboys that are online at the time. For each lady or ladyboy they can view a profile with pictures, lists of services, statics, unedited customer reviews and rates.

If they book a particular person to escort that person gets notified. They then have ten minutes to respond. If they accept, which they usually do, the customer can then watch on a map as the escort travels to them. It’s almost like an Uber for escorting. Uber recently left Southeast Asia and Smooci is expanding, so obviously some kinds of ride sharing are more popular than others in this part of the world.

Ladyboy escorts on Smooci

Since they started out in the land of ladyboys, Smooci knows a thing or two about ladyboys. They also know enough to separate the ladyboys from the plain old “regular girls”. That means the two don’t get mixed in, so ladyboy lovers don’t have to dig through tons of listings they don’t want to see and no unadventurous guy can claim that he “accidentally got stuck with (or by) a ladyboy either.

I don’t know if the GPS tracking feature was designed specifically for ladyboy escorts but it very well might as well have been. Anyone who has experience with ladyboys know they may have the worst sense of time as any demographic group in the world. Ladyboy escorts know lots of ways to get around that too.

With the GPS tracking feature though no ladyboy escort could tell a customer “I am almost there” when the maps clearly show that they just started their journey. Customers know exactly where the escorts they hire are from the beginning to the end of the sessions.

There are a lot of ladyboys in Bangkok and Manila on Smooci now. I can only guess that there will be many more in the future. It seems like there is a real mix between agency employees and independent escorts too.


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