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Review of Exotic Massage Bangkok

In my opinion, Exotic Massage Bangkok is one of the best choices when it comes to ladyboy escorts and ladyboy massage. They deal in English and they’re real easy to work with. They have a team of Thai ladyboy masseuses who are sexy and experienced. The ladyboys can be booked over the phone or through the popular Whatsapp and Line smartphpone apps. They’re also centrally located for easy travel to pretty much any part of Bangkok. Plus they put their prices right up front on the website.

Even though Bangkok is like the ladyboy capital of the world, a person could spend days looking for a good transgender date in Bangkok. Finding a chick with a dick is one thing. Locating a ladyboy who looks good and wants the same kind of action you do is something else entirely.

I used to prowl all the bars looking for a nice ladyboy match. But then I had to travel, spend money on drinks and waste time in places I didn’t like. These days I am a lot more likely to just call up a service and ask for a ladyboy to be sent right to my room. That way everyone knows what they’re getting into. Not to mention how much it is going to cost!

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Exotic Massage Bangkok has become my go to outcall service for erotic ladyboy massage. I don’t have to waste half a night looking for a ladyboy. No more booking taxis or wandering around. Plus I don’t have to navigate an ever changing web of rules related to entertainment venues. Exotic Massage Bangkok is always open, even when I can’t buy a beer at the local Family Mart! Not to mention that booking at Exotic Massage Bangkok is about as easy as it gets.

It works like this. I can either call up Exotic Massage Bangkok or send them a message on Line or WhatsApp. Then I tell them which one of the ladyboys I want to see, and when I want to see her. Then I pick a service and give them my location. It’s that easy. Moments later I have the ladyboy of my fancy right at my door and into my bed.

They offer a bunch of different services too. My first time with a ladyboy would have been great here, since they have an erotic handjob service for just 2200 Baht. They also have a one-hour BJ service for 2400 Baht and an hour of full service for 2500 Baht. These days I’m likely to just go all in and get the full service. It always meets my needs. Or should I say “meats”? They do footjobs and other fetish work too, for those times when a special service is needed to scratch an itch.

The ladyboys at Exotic Massage Bangkok are a handpicked team of professionals. We are talking about some good looking ladylike ladyboys with stamina and skill. They all have nice tits and bits too. After meeting Bebe, Nutty, and Sammy, I have a tough time deciding who to call up the next time. They are that good. I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed at all.

In summary, I have to say that Exotic Massage Bangkok is one of the best services around for ladyboy lovers like me. It couldn’t be easier to find a willing and able Thai tranny than to simply contact a service right in the city and have them send one over for a set fee. The prices are really reasonable, the ladyboys are lovely and skilled, and it’s all good fun. I am a repeat customer for good reason!

Exotic Massage Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand. +6620380543. WhatsApp 66808508589. Line: @exoticmassage.

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