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There’s no question that Thailand leads the world in ladyboys. It has the highest number of ladyboys, the highest percentage of ladyboys and many would say the best looking ladyboys. Thai ladyboys can be found in all parts of life. You see them online and in the bars but you also find them in the streets, in the malls and working in all of the stores. It’s tough to go a day without seeing at least one ladyboy. Usually you see a lot more. Many of people don’t think about Cambodia when it comes to ladyboys but there are many in the country. In fact the Thai word kathoey used to describe ladyboys is actually borrowed from Cambodia!

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Nowadays Cambodia is a little more conservative in terms of sex. You can find ladyboys in Phnom Penh but you don’t see them all over the place. There are a few bars and streets where ladyboy sex workers usually hang out but that’s all hit and miss. And it’s of no interest for people looking for genuine romance with a ladyboy either. In many ways the internet is the best place of all to find ladyboys in Phnom Penh.

There are many dating sites in the world. I couldn’t even begin to count all the sites I have used over the years. Most of the sites I was using ten or fifteen years ago aren’t even around anymore. Some of the newer sites probably won’t be around in the future. With more people using phones than computers, especially in Cambodia, apps are really popular. Some dating sites have their own apps and some apps are stand alone. Through a lot of trial and error I think I have discovered the best dating sites and apps for meeting ladyboys in Cambodia.

Badoo is a weird platform. It is some kind of mix between a game, a social network and a dating site. I have never even heard of it in the United States but for some reason it is pretty popular in Southeast Asia. That’s especially true in Cambodia. Years ago it was the most popular dating site in the country. Today it is still pretty popular. It also has an app that connects with the site and works in the same way. You can search for ladies in Phnom Penh. That will turn up a mix of ladies and ladyboys. There are way more ladyboys on the site in relation to regular ladies then you will ever see on the streets of the city. Badoo is free to use but they ask for upgrades and stuff. I’ve never really needed that. The one time I used it it didn’t seem to help.

Another free site called Date in Asia is still used by some ladies and ladyboys in Cambodia, but it is clearly losing popularity. There aren’t many ladyboys on the site anyway but since there are not many Cambodians on the site at all they can be easier to find. Plus no money is involved so there isn’t much to lose.

Ladyboy Kisses charges money but in my view it is worth it. The site is catered specifically to ladyboys and the guys who love them, or at least want to get their hands on them, and the word is out throughout Southeast Asia. A lot of Khmer ladyboys can be found on the site with ease and there is no need to sort through lots of regular ladies to find them. There is a good mix on the site between ladyboys looking for fun and ladyboys looking for love.

Another similar site is My Ladyboy Date. It has a lot of ladyboys from Phnom Penh too, though they are all looking for love. Those are the rules at that site anyway. It’s not about the naughty!

Another site that works best when money is spent is TS Dates. This site is clearly more adult oriented and the Cambodian ladyboys found on the site know that. For people who don’t want to deal with a lot of back and forth the site works pretty well. It is focused and everyone involved knows exactly what is going on. Of course ladyboys are more open for fun than most regular ladies which is one of the reasons so many of us love them!

Finally, there is the old smartphone standby Tinder. A lot of foreigners use it in Phnom Penh but lately there are more and more locals. Ladies and gay guys are the most common but there are a lot of ladyboys on there too. You can certainly come across more ladyboys in a few minutes of swiping than you would in a whole day of beating the streets.

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