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Review of Hello Ladyboy

There has always been some transgender porn around. I remember even back before the days of widespread internet use that you could find videos with names like “Sluts With Nuts” for sale in adult video stores and the back of smut magazines.

When the internet really kicked off porn did too. As with home video the porn industry was a pioneer. Porn websites were among the first to be found and they were often popular. The number of ladyboy porn sites has only increased with the spread of the internet and the opening of minds in regards to “the third sex.”

Even as tube sites and other streaming video have become so common that a lifetime supply of free porn is now available to anyone with an internet connection, commercial paid membership sites continue to exist. I don’t know if they prosper but they obviously do make money. If they didn’t they would just disappear like CD and increasingly book stores are doing.

Long live ladyboy porn!

In the case of porn sites I think some people have more money than time to waste and appreciate being able to access a library of high quality porn of the exact type they like for a few bucks a month. At least that’s my excuse for joining them.

Hello Ladyboy is a relatively new ladyboy porn site featuring transgender Asians who so far seem to hail entirely from Thailand. Unlike some of the other Thai ladyboy focused sites, Hello Ladyboy is shot professionally in really high quality video and features only the most ladylike and passable of chicks with dicks.

Although it hasn’t been around as some of the older sites Hello Ladyboy has a huge library of high definition videos and pictures. It’s enough to get any guy going and done.

The Hello Ladyboy library

The site features a lot of really lovely ladies. They all know how to carry themselves and are experts in things like hair and makeup. Some tend more toward the Japanese kawaii look but others are just like natural Thai ladies. When I say natural I mean it. Some have fake tits but they usually look more real than the bolt on melons common to Thailand. Others like the lovely Nut from Bangkok rely purely on hormones and have grown their own cute little tits.

Hello Ladyboy website review

How do I know about Nut and where she’s from? The site gives the info. Ladies are listed along with their names, ages and locations. Surely some ages are fudged and the names are made up for performance purposes but otherwise it is real. Some of the ladies who star in Hello Ladyboy videos can be found in the cities they are described as coming from. I know this for a fact as I have run into some of them in real life!

That doesn’t mean that the site is dominated by bar girls. While some undoubtedly appear the majority are more fresh and natural ladyboys who most viewers would not otherwise see. I don’t know how the site’s producers find them but I am glad that they do since it gives me a good supply of material to whack off too when I am out of arms reach of a real live Thai ladyboy.

Most of the videos involve a white guy playing with the ladyboys then doing them up the poop shoot. Condoms are worn but they aren’t too intrusive. In some scenes they even seem to melt away. Everything is done really well and you even see things like ladyboys with waxed assholes which in my view is great. Too many ladyboys in real life go through surgery and everything else but still let hair grow up their crack which is frankly very off putting.

Ladyboy dating and more

Some other interesting stuff also appears in the videos like dating with ladyboys and clothing and costume changes that give you a real idea of what it’s like to be around these special ladies in and out of their gear.

The ladies are mostly young ranging in age from 19 to their early twenties. You don’t see many older birds on the site and there are no old hags to be found at all. That’s great because spending money to see some middle aged wrinkled thing in high definition is not very appealing.

Most of the chicks are from Bangkok and Pattaya but I’m sure women from other areas will appear as the site continues to grow and prosper. And that it should do. It’s so well done that I can’t imagine there are many ladyboy fans who wouldn’t like it. At less than thirty bucks a month a membership at Hello Ladyboy more than worth the price of purchase.

I am trying to keep this site somewhat clean. If you want to preview the site you can click one of the links above or check out this hot photo set. By purchasing a membership after clicking any of these links you help support this site so that it can continue to grow.

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