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Differences in ladyboy dicks

Transgenders are becoming more and more accepted in many parts of the world. There is definitely some reactionary blow back because of that, but there’s no doubt that transgenders and their admirers are becoming emboldened and moving out into the open.

Ladyboys in Thailand have long been out and accepted to at least some extent as anyone who has read The Third Sex knows. There even been ladyboys in Philippines for many, many years despite the Catholic Church’s grip on society there. Through all the different countries and their unique histories and cultures, different kinds of ladyboy dicks have emerged. Er, well, I guess the dicks were always there. What I mean is that a variety of circumstances have caused different types of penises to evolve in different areas.


I’m not here to argue about whether or not ladyboy lovers are gay or not. What I can say is that a lot of guys who are into or at least curious about ladyboys are interested in cock. At the same time, a lot of ladyboy lovers want nothing to do with the guys most dicks are attached too. They have a fascination with cock but an attraction to women. That’s why they skip cisgender women in favor of chicks with dicks. So why not talk about the types of dicks the chicks have on a site made by and for the guys who like ladyboys?

In Europe, America, and Latin America, the shapes and sizes of dicks tend to follow the local patterns. So in America, most transgenders who are still intact down below have been through circumcision. In Europe and Latin America few if any have had the snip. Sizes, shapes and colors can and do vary wildly because the sizes, shapes and colors people do too.

In countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar, few if any ladyboys are circucised. It is just not something that is done in those places. Cocks tend towards the shorter in Asia but as anyone who has seen Long Mint can tell you, there are also some sluts with nuts packing massive bananas. Dicks tend to be dark no matter the size in this region, but there are some pink and even purple rods around too.

Since Singapore is basically a focus point for ladyboy sex workers from around Southeast Asia, the same more or less goes there. There aren’t many local or Chinese ladyboys in the Lion City. If there were I would have to guess that they would have short pink rock hard cocks with big round mushroom heads.

Everyone is entitled to their own interests. I personally prefer a cut cock by a wide margin, but I won’t throw a red hot ladyboy out of bed just because her cock looks like an ant eater. I also prefer passable, ladylike and feminine ladyboys. That basically restricts me to looking for ladyboys in the Philippines and Japan. Korea would probably work too if there were any local ladyboys there, but so far I haven’t found even one.

That’s because Japan, South Korea and the Philippines are among the only places in Asia where circumcision is common. It is most common in South Korea thanks to the America influence there, but as I wrote above, I have never seen a Korean ladyboy. I’m sure they are around, but I don’t know where to find them. I’ve only seen foreign ladyboys in places like Hooker Hill.

In Japan circumcision is a lot less common but it does happen. Japanese ladyboys seem to be the most likely people in Japan to get circumcised with the possible exception of Japanese guys suffering from phimosis. In fact, transgender Japanese often take things even further by getting their balls cut off too. They keep their boners though, especially if they work in the sex industry. They know what their customers want.

A lot of guys and ladyboys are circumcised in the Philippines. I think that is because of the influence of the Americans and probably local people of other religions too. The thing is that the Filipinos have their own style of circumcision and it is a little weird. Well, any type of cock cutting is probably weird depending on who you ask. What I mean is that circumcision is done a lot differently in the Philippines than it is in other countries. They only cut the foreskin half way around and they let the rest just open up and hang down. So it sort of looks like Filipino penises have fleshy butterflies hanging out under the heads. If you want to see what I am talking about for yourself, check out the Filipina ladyboys over at Asian Shemales.

On top of that, Filipina baklas are a lot less accepted than Thai ladyboys. There aren’t many ladyboy bars and ladyboys who do sell sex in the Philippines usually do it in the streets or online for little money. So there aren’t many Filipina ladyboys with fake tits. They don’t get into makeup and dresses as much either. So they can appear to be more manly at first, especially in the streets. On the other hand, the ladyboys in the Philippines are more likely to use hormones so they actually tend to look more like natural southeast Asian ladies in the nude. They are often hairless with perky little tits that are same size as the mounds on their Filipina sisters.

Of course I have been to places other than Japan and the Philippines. One reason for that is that I don’t travel solely to find ladyboy ding dong. Another is that I am able to find beauty in all sorts of people and I can have fun and friendship even with people I don’t find beautiful at all. Plus, I can’t hate on a natural wiener too much since that’s how they are actually supposed to be. If I had a son I wouldn’t let the doctor cut him at all.

In cruder terms, a dick’s a dick and it’s all warm and pink when the lights go out, or as my best friend puts it, different strokes for different folks!


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