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Ladyboy escorts in Hong Kong use Smooci

As of yet I haven’t written about ladyboys in Hong Kong. One reason is that in terms of pay for play the scene is mostly limited to ladyboy escorts in Hong Kong. There are no ladyboy go go bars around or anything like that. Hong Kong is is not Thailand or even the Philippines, even though most of the ladyboys in Hong Kong are probably Thai or Filipina.

Why haven’t I written about ladyboys in Hong Kong? In my experience, they’re not all that easy to find especially now that Craigslist and Backpage have left the scene. You don’t find ladyboys in Hong Kong at one women brothels or in the famous bars of Wan Chai either.

smooci Thai ladyboy

That doesn’t mean there are no ladyboys in Hong Kong. Not by a long shot! Like I said, there are Thai and Filipina ladyboys in Hong Kong and even some others including the elusive Chinese ladyboy. There just aren’t any real open concentrated places to find them. Or at least there weren’t until now. That’s because Smooci has now started operating in Hong Kong.

Smooci is really just getting started in Hong Kong, but already they’ve got their site up and running with a local version that has both independent and agency employed ladyboys looking to meet with customers. The website is as easy as pie to navigate, so there’s no worry that the ladyboys won’t be able to connect with guys who want to meet them.

As I wrote before, Smooci is a website where all kinds of local escorts in a given city are listed. Each has a profile with their name, pictures, statistics, rating and reviews. They also list what each escort gets up to along with the amount of money they want for their time and service.

Customers specify a time they are looking for an appointment and they’re presented with all the available escorts. If they want to spend time with one they just make a few simply clicks and book a session. From there they can even track the location of their escort as they make their way to the meeting place, which I would assume is usually a hotel or apartment.

Other advanced features that set Smooci apart from all other sites include verified photographs. That’s something to really think about when it comes to ladyboys looking for customers online. In this day and age women of all kinds heavily rely on things like Photoshop and filters to doctor their photographs. Ladyboys especially seem prone to photo editing, even more so when they are looking for customers. With photographs verified by actual customers it seems like that will become a lot less likely, at least on the Smooci site.

I have always wondered how many ladyboys are actually working in Hong Kong at any given time. With Smooci now on the scene in Hong Kong I think I’ll finally get a better idea of how many ladyboys are around and what they actually look like. I have to admit that I look forward to it.

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