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Ladyboys in South Korea

Transgender people have been more vocal around the world in the last few years. Whatever your view, it’s pretty obvious that transgendered people are becoming more open in many societies. There are of course some transgendered people in South Korea. But it’s not common to find them unless you know where to look.

The funny thing is that transgender people have been around in some Asian societies for a very long time. And in some places like Thailand, they’re pretty openly accepted as a routine part of society. Yet the common term used over there is ladyboy. This denotes their classification by many as a sort of third sex. They’re not considered women stuck in men’s bodies, or even men who have become women. They’re more or less considered to be chicks with dicks.

Ladyboys are nowhere near as common in South Korea as they are in Thailand. Not even close. But a lot of the ladyboys you do find in South Korea just happen to be Thai. I would guess that ninety percent of the shemales I’ve seen in the ROK over the years were actually Thai. Sometimes it can be tough to tell until they start talking though. Because they tend to be the type who have really light skin and go all in for the heavily worked on K-Pop look.

So where can you find ladyboys in South Korea? I’ve only seen them in Seoul, with one exception. I did see a ladyboy down in Busan but I was actually at the airport. So she could have been coming or going from anywhere. The fact that I noticed and remember seeing her should show you just how rare it is to meet ladyboys in this country.

There are some reliable places to meet ladyboys in Seoul though. The first and most obvious is the internet. Besides the dedicated ladyboy sites there are often a lot of ladyboy prostitutes and “massesues” posting ads in the general services section of Seoul Craigslist. Again, most of them seem to be Thai. But I have seen some Filipinos and even a Latino posting there too. And they’re getting rare. Even since Craigslist deleted its personals, the regulars on the site stepped up and have started flagging anything involving sex.

Of course you can also run into ladyboys in person in some places. Mainly, those are in a few of the bars on Hooker Hill and a little further up the street on what people have long called “Homo Hill.” Some are working in the regular brothel bars. Others are in the Juicy Bars. There seems to be at least one dedicated ladyboy bar near the top of the hill too.

It’s pretty rare to find a South Korean ladyboy. I am sure they exist. But I haven’t seen, met, or heard of many. The exception to that was again up on Hooker Hill. And she was pretty passable too. I may not have known better but I got up close and my spider sense started tingling. Maybe that’s a result of living in Asia.

I am not personally interested in ladyboys as sexual partners. But I have no problem with them whatsoever. And since so many people seem to be interested, I decided to write down my experiences with transgendered people in South Korea over the years. They’re pretty limited, but they are at least based on fact.


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