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The best online dating sites to find Thai ladyboys

Obviously there are a lot of ladyboy venues in Thailand. Many of them have been reviewed here over the last several months. Increasingly however, ladyboys are moving to the internet to find guys. That goes for the ladyboys looking to make money, the ladyboys looking for love and the ladyboys in between. It even includes some ladyboys who work in bars, but want to find more action on the side.

With the rise of the internet and online dating there has also been an increase in dating sites. How can you know which are good and which aren’t? Experience is the only real measure. I have been through them all already though, so I can tell you my findings. These are the best dating sites to find ladyboys in Thailand.

Ladyboys on Thai Friendly

Tinder is a super popular smart phone app that has been sweeping the world for years. It’s easy and it’s free. You install it and it shows you people nearby. You swipe left if you don’t like them or right if you do. If you both swipe right, Tinder puts you in contact with each other. It’s as easy as that. Tinder is very popular in Bangkok and some other Thai cities too. Plus, a lot of ladyboys use the app. The problem is that there is no way to sort out ladyboys from regular ladies. So you have to go through a lot of regular girls if you are looking for ladyboys. I have heard that Tinder was going to make it possible to search for transgendered people, but I don’t know if or when that will happen.

Thai Friendly isn’t focused specifically on ladyboys, but it is focused on Thailand. Plus, you don’t have to be in Thailand to use it. You can look at thousands of profiles no matter where you are in the world. That’s great for making contacts that you can follow up on when you’re actually in Thailand. Plus, Thai Friendly is hip to ladyboys. They have even put a search tool on the site that lets you look only at ladyboys. Boy are there some ladyboys to look at! I’ve seen some of the best looking ladyboys ever on Thai Friendly, and amazingly, most of them were keen to talk with me and even meet. That alone beats Tinder where even a lot of matches fail to ever send you a message or meet. Thai Friendly is free to use, but you get a lot more options if you pay the nominal premium membership fee. I find that the ladyboys on the site are much more apt to take you seriously if you do. Perhaps it’s their built in cheap charlie avoidance radar kicking in.

On the other hand, Ladyboy Kisses isn’t specifically based on Thailand, but it is focused on ladyboys. With so many ladyboys in Thailand the Thai ladyboys almost can’t help but to dominate this site, but there are also others there too from many other Asian countries. If you’re only looking for Thai ladyboys the site makes it easy to search them out, plus there are no “regular girls” to get in the way of your fun. This site also has a free option but the premium membership turns it into a serious tool for finding ladyboys. There’s nothing more focused in existence.

Date In Asia is totally free but suffers from some of the problems mentioned above. There are lots of regular women on the site and there is no way to search only for ladyboys. Some ladyboys list themselves as “male” and some as “female.” There’s no ladyboy option. There are also limits on the number of messages you can send, and cutting and pasting messages is not allowed, so it’s tough to cast a wide net by hitting on tons of Thai ladyboys at once.

Ladyboys can be found on others sites and apps too. That is only reasonable since ladyboys can be found in all aspects of Thai life. They are people too after all. They just happen to be sexier than most others. In my experience the sites named above are the best places to find them online.

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