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Ladyboy street walkers in Pattaya, Thailand

Several weeks ago I wrote about ladyboy street walkers in Bangkok. The only city in Thailand that has even more ladyboy streetwalkers would probably be Pattaya. Although the city is home to numerous ladyboy bars there are also a lot of ladyboys around who prefer for whatever reason to work the streets. Since the main part of Pattaya is a relatively safe area this may not be the craziest choice. Ladyboys looking for part time work or the independence of working without a boss may prefer standing along a beach on a heavily traveled tourist trail to showing up for a job every day of the week.

Pattaya ladyboy streetwalker

There are numerous of stories of guys running into problems with street walking ladyboys in Pattaya. Sometimes they don’t even have to go to a private place to have issues. There are plenty of reports of ladyboys pretending to come on to guys only to lift their valuables, especially around the beach. Of course that’s what makes the news. Untold numbers of transactions go off without a hitch in the city, but those aren’t the kinds of things that newspapers and websites would normally write about. Surely there is some risk involved for any guy who picks a stranger up off of the street. I don’t know how much higher the risk is with ladyboys than regular ladies and I probably never will. As far as I know no scientific studies on the subject have ever been launched and I doubt any will in my lifetime.

A lot of guys have gone without ladyboy street walkers in Pattaya regularly for years without much issue. I imagine they take a lot of precautions and have at least a little bit of luck. Surely they aren’t any special performers though. I think anyone with a bit of sense and street smarts could do the same.

Anyway, ladyboy street walkers in Pattaya hang out in four main places. Some may be found in other parts of the city but these four locations are for the most part where most of them work.

The first and most well known location for ladyboy street walkers in Pattaya is the Beach Road strip. This is a long road that runs along the beach, hence the name. The beach side of the road has a large promenade where people walk. In the evenings and at night a lot of street walkers stand here or sit on benches trying to make eye contact with passing guys. Some people jokingly refer to this as “the coconut bar” since there are a lot of coconut trees around. Ladyboys are often found mixed in with the regular ladies, though more tend to hang out at the end of Beach Road near the entrance of Walking Street.

The ladyboys near Walking Street are often some of the better looking ladyboy street walkers to be found anywhere in the country. Some are really beautiful and a few have regularly appeared in ladyboy porn. Some also have bad reputations. It’s a mixed bag. Surely the mix contains it’s share of nuts, and they aren’t all swinging.

Ladyboy and regular lady street walkers stand on Beach Road almost every day starting around dark and into the late hours of the night. Most of them ask 1000 Baht ($28 USD) or more to start, but many will settle for as little as 500 Baht ($14 USD) especially if asked by regulars or people who can at least count in the Thai language.

Once in a while the police will do a sweep and all of the street walkers will disappear at least for a while. Before long they are usually right back in their regular places. For the most part the ladies and ladyboys work without issue and customers are virtually never bothered.

Ladyboy street walkers can also be found right on Walking Street. Just outside of the bars and in one of the most crowded and tourist areas of the city there are at least some ladyboy street walkers around every night of the week. These generally tend to be some of the hottest ladyboys working the streets. Some are well known. They aren’t very aggressive most of the time. They just stand there and let their looks bring guys in. These ladies tend to want a little more than other street walkers around town but most will settle on 1000 or 1500 Baht to go with a guy for a little while. Often they prefer to use the short time hotels right there on the same street.

The third place street walkers from the third sex can be found is on Soi 6/1. This back alley runs next to the famous Soi 6 and gives discrete access to a number of bars like So What which I reviewed a while back. Some of the women from these bars wait in Soi 6/1 to try to tempt customers into their bars but a few street walkers also work here. As the night goes on they are more likely to show up. After midnight when the bars are approaching their closing times it is quite common to see ladyboy street walkers here. Some are really hardcore wearing almost nothing and getting really aggressive. That’s exactly what some of the guys who like Soi 6 love. It’s not for the feint of heart.

Finally there is the Soi Bukhao and Soi Pattaya Sai Song 13. Soi Bukhao is a main road lined with bars such as Titti Twisters and Fantasy which have both been reviewed on this site. Starting around when the sun goes down there are usually some street walker ladyboys hanging around here. They can be found on both sides of the street and into the late night. They often hang in front of convenience stores. Although there are lots of regular lady bars around the street walkers are all ladyboys. I’ve never seen a regular lady street walker there at all.

Soi Pattaya Sai Song 13 connects Soi Bukhao with Second Road. This road has its share of bars and lots of food carts. Some of the food carts serve up pretty good food. My favorite is the spaghetti stand right at the corner of Soi Bukhao and Pattaya Sai Song 13 which is often staffed by one of the owners. She is a great looking ladyboy with big bolt on tits that are usually covered only by a thin shirt and no bra. What’s not to like about that?

The immediate area is frequented by ladyboy street walkers too. Some of them are surprisingly good looking. They tend to stand around the food stands or right on the side of the road. Even in all of the action going on it is tough to miss a tall sexy ladyboy with big boobs standing on the side of the road. These are some of the least aggressive of any of the ladyboy street walkers in Pattaya. They usually have modest demands too. Most will go with guys for 1000 Baht but I guess it all depends on the situation.

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