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Review of Baby Boom go go bar in Pattaya, Thailand

Despite recent efforts or at least proclamations about efforts from some public sectors the seaside city of Pattaya in Thailand continues to be filled from one side to the other with adult entertainment venues of all kinds including numerous places centered on ladyboys. Some of the entertainment is a little more tame than other parts but continues to draw people on the basis of what some would call “naughty thoughts”. The huge ladyboy cabaret shows that bring in thousands of tourists are a good example. Of course a lot of the entertainment is indeed very naughty.

Babyboom Pattaya

There is such much in the way of entertainment in Pattaya that most people will never see even half of it. Long timers in the city may even say that most visitors will miss the best parts because they are tucked away in less obvious corners. While this website doesn’t advocate that anyone do anything other than read the words here it is true that some lesser known places will be covered here in the days and weeks to come.

Baby Boom is a small ladyboy only go go bar located almost dead in the middle of Pattaya. The bar is at the end of a small side soi that connects to Soi Bukhao. Soi Bukhao is a long winding road running between Second and Third Roads that connects Central Pattaya Road and South Pattaya Road. It’s filled with restaurants, hotels, massage parlors and bars. A lot of tourists stay there but so do a lot of expats and old timers which makes for an interesting mix of people.

Most of the go go bars in the immediate area are either right on Soi Bukhao or in LK Metro which is a small L shaped road that connects to it. Baby Boom is different. The go go bar is located at the end of a small soi which means that it is rarely seen even though it does have a large neon sign. Even if someone somehow did spot the sign from the main street however it is very unlikely that they would know what the place was since the signage makes no mentions of ladyboys at all.

Getting to Baby Boom is not difficult at all but it could still be a hassle for some. The open and well lit soi that it is located in is not filled with bars. It is instead a quiet place where few other than visitors to restaurants and the backpacker hotel visit. People walking to Baby Boom would be visible to any of those people and suffice it say that many of those people do actually look to see who is going in and out. During most times not many people are.

This people watching is no big deal really though as everyone knows what goes on in Pattaya including a lot of people having fun with ladyboys. The place isn’t Kansas after all. Still for the shy or uninitiated it could be a real challenge.

The entrance to Baby Boom is elevated off of the ground. There is a small table outside where the ladyboys usually sit and wait when there are no customers inside. A lot of times they play with their phones or eat. When customers arrive things change and they will try to invite them inside.

There are usually around a half dozen ladyboys at the bar. Early in the evening there may only be four. Later more arrive. Sometimes close to ten are there but that’s rare. The ladyboys are mostly tall, slim and in their late twenties. One or two has dark skin and is in their early twenties. The taller, whiter ladyboys tend to look more like “real ladies.” The younger and darker ones have manlier looks though they still sport long hair and huge fake silicone tits. One ladyboy who is in her early twenties breaks the mold. She’s very ladylike with a slim body and creamy white skin. She probably won’t last long before someone marries her and takes her away from the bar.

Surprisingly for the area the Baby Boom go go bar is amazingly clean. It looks like a brand new place even though it has been around for years. The stage, bars, seats and all are in great condition. None of the usual dirt, grime and rips can be found. That’s rare in a city where even huge and popular bars that rake in thousands of dollars daily sometimes stink to high heaven and look like garbage pits when the lights come on.

Baby Boom is long and narrow with a black and red theme. There is a stage to the right which is only used when a customer requests it, when a ladyboy is trying to impress a customer, or on the rare occasions when multiple customers enter the bar at once.

To the left there is a row of clean and comfortable booth type seats with little tables in front. A unisex bathroom is through a little door next to the stage and in the back left there is an actual bar where the liquor and mixers are kept.

At least one ladyboy usually accompanies any customer who enters the bar. When customers don’t select a ladyboy or two to join them one will assign themselves the task. Once this selection is made the ladyboys can be a bit territorial and jealous. They won’t fight or argue but they do tend to be totally put off or upset if a customer changes to another lady late in the game.

The ladyboys wear sexy clothes with bikinis or panties and bras underneath. Once in the bar the sexy clothes tend to come off in favor of the under garments. In many cases those soon come off too. Tits are flashed around with regularity and it’s not uncommon for a hard stick to make an appearance either. That goes for both the staff and the customers. I don’t think the place would take kindly to a guy walking in and whipping out his junk but it does occur that women on staff pull out customer’s junk and either fondle or eat it right in the bar. Sometimes this is done to completion for a tip of a few hundred Baht but more often it is done in between sips of lady drinks and pleading to go upstairs to the available bed rooms.

Most drinks for customers are very fairly priced for the area at 50 Baht ($1.50 US) with specialties going for a little more. Lady drinks are just a little more expensive at 150 Baht ($4.50 US). The women don’t push too hard for drinks though they certainly do appreciate them. More commonly they push for a bar fine. The rate for that is officially 500 Baht ($14 USD) but it can be negotiated down to 400 Baht including free use of the room upstairs. The ladies want additional money from customers but that too is up for negotiation. Around 1000 Baht ($28 USD) for a short time session is about the norm though there can always be variance.

Most of the ladyboys at Baby Boom agogo are pre-op and so still have their frank and beans. For the most part they work too. These fully functional units tend toward the large side and can operate over and over again with only a few exceptions. They tend to be versatile too which is almost a prerequisite for the local environment though they all have their preferences with some preferring to either top or bottom.

The upstairs room is not bad at all. It looks like the typical bedroom in the area and is good enough for what it is used for though it may not get the same amount of cleaning as the main go go area seems to.

Baby Boom go go is one of the quietest and cleanest go go bars in Pattaya. It has been around for years and even moved from another location though the place looks like it could be new. The ladies are on average fun and decent looking and the prices are fair for the area though the staff can be a little light at times.

Baby Boom. Soi Bukhao, Pattaya, Thailand. Open 7:00P-1:00A or sometimes a little later. Click here for a map. Click here for the bar’s Facebook page.


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