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Review of Chaos 9 Bar in Bangkok, Thailand

Chaos 9 Bar took the place of the old Guess Bar which was considered by many to be the best ladyboy bar in Bangkok. The bar has moved a few times and gone through name and ownership changes but it is still one of the best in the city.

Chaos 9 Bangkok

Now located on Sukhumvit Soi 22 at the old Bundy’s Bar, Chaos 9 doesn’t necessarily stand out. It is not difficult to find but it doesn’t shine like a beacon either. This is probably a happy medium as it allows customers to easily go in and out of the place while still maintaining discretion. Although ladyboys have long been accepted as a part of daily life in Thailand things are no all roses. Another fact is that some guys who have spouses and girlfriends like to visit bars like these, though that is probably best left for another post.

Chaos 9 has a rather large staff of more than a dozen women. Sometimes there are many more around. The women are friendly and eager to greet anyone who walks in the doors but they are not aggressive at all. The bar has a relaxing and friendly atmosphere with everyone seeming to get along well and have a good time.

The bar is not a go go but sexy dancing is known to happen at times. The tabletops are a place where some of the ladyboys like to get down whenever the mood strikes them. Most times however, the bar has more of a lounge atmosphere with people chatting and getting a little more intimate with each other.

As one of the better known bars Guess was always popular and sometimes even crowded. At its new location on Soi 22, Chaos 9 doesn’t get as many visitors. It can still drum up a number of customers but it is very rare for there to be more than a few guys inside at any given time.

The bar has a nice pool table. I am not much of a player but it looks like one of the better ones I’ve seen around. It is level and clean with a nice blue felt and everything seems to be in order. The sticks looks good too, and I mean that in every way possible.

Most of the ladyboys at Chaos 9 are very attractive. A high percentage of them are feminine and passable. Only a few have more masculine characteristics. Most of the ladyboys are preop and functioning and nearly all like to have a good time, especially when they are financially rewarded for their efforts.

The bar fine at Chaos 9 is 600 Baht ($18 USD) which is normal for Bangkok bars. The bar has longer hours than most others. It opens at 3 in the afternoon and doesn’t close until 3 in the morning. Of course early on the bar is quite and the ladyboys aren’t all assembled, but it’s still nice to know that there is a place open early in the afternoon.

Chaos 9 Bar, 14/3 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Pattaya, Thailand. Open 3:00P-3:00A. Click here for a map. Click here for the bar’s Facebook page.

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