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Review of Charades go go bar in Bangkok, Thailand

Charades is one of the original ladyboy go go bars in the Nana Entertainment Complex on Sukhumvit Soi 4 in Bangkok. There are now many agogo bars for t-girl fans in Bangkok but that wasn’t always the case. There was a time when the entire place was focused on cisgender women.

Charades may be one of the older bars in the complex today but it still among the best. A lot of people probably don’t even find the bar because it is located on the top floor, but those who do are in for a treat.

Charades go go bar Phnom Penh

The place is nicely decorated. Whoever started it put some serious thought into getting things together. Of course most people aren’t looking at the surroundings. They are looking at the thirty or so ladyboys who are hanging around the bar.

The ladyboys at Charades run the gambit from the large amazonian types completely with muscles and deep voices to some shockingly short and petite gals who might even pass as “regular women” to guys who are trained in the art of ladyboy spotting.

The trend now seems to be more a lot of ladyboys to use horomones and grow their own boobs rather than get some implants. Some of the younger ladyboys at Charades who are in the early twenties have gone this route. Of course the flamboyant babes with big fake boobs still predominate.

The bar has elevated seating that goes up like a cinema, so everyone gets a nice view of the stage. The stage itself is pretty big anyway so there’s always something to look at. There are nearly a dozen ladyboys on stage in bikinis most times while the others hang out around the bar. There is a tub in the bar for shower shows but it is not always in use.

Whenever a customer enters the available ladyboys tend to do their usual act of all jumping on or near stage and trying to get the customer’s attention. They want to be called over for a lady drink of course. There’s no obligation on the part of customers to buy lady drinks however. Seasoned vets just get their own drink and look around before deciding who they will chat up, if indeed they chat up anyone.

There’s really no reason not to talk to the gals at Charades though, since they are generally a fun and lively bunch. Some are good looking too. The prices for drinks are normal for the entertainment area and barfines are too at 700 Baht. The ladyboys ask customers for 1000 Baht or more for a short time session in one of the hotels located inside of Nana.

Charades can be a little high pressure though. Even some of the wait staff like to buzz around customers and beg for drinks or tips which is off putting. Perhaps the location perched high above the plaza leaves them hungry for custom but I think there’s more bad manners at play than anything. But since there are so many cool girls in the place, including the very hot number 55, it is still a real attraction.

There used to be a lot more ladyboys at Charades than there are now. Just a few years ago the place had more than one hundred people on staff. There was a change up though that dramatically cut the staff. So it’s not what it once was.

Charades, Nana Entertainment Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand. Open 8:00P-2:00A. Click here for a map.


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