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Review of Duangjai in Pattaya, Thailand

The most famous area of Pattaya is undoubtably Walking Street. Closed to vehicular traffic at night, the road is lined with go go bars from one end to the other. Now, with the rise of tourism in Pattaya, it is also home to a bunch of restaurants and stores selling tourist crap.

Walking Street does have some ladyboy action which I will write about soon. For the most part though it is limited to regular girl bars. That and the constant streams of gawking tourists keeps a lot of regulars away. It can get absolutely packed some nights. A lot of people in the know would rather be somewhere more lowkey doing packing of their own.

Sexy pattaya ladyboy

LK Metro is the second most popular go go bar area in Pattaya. It’s an L-shaped street not far from the beach. It connects Soi Bukhao and Pattaya Second Road Soi 13. LK Metro isn’t nearly as popular as Walking Street. A lot of tourists probably don’t even know about it. That means there are no gimmicks or people doing magic tricks or anything like that. It’s just bars.

While places like Titti Twisters and Baby Boom are very nearby there is only one ladyboy bar in LK Metro. That is Duangjai.

Duangjai is a small bar with a large staff. It’s near the Devils’ Den sex club. At night when all the bars and go gos have women in the street trying to lure customers inside it can even seem to disappear. There are always some ladyboys there in front trying to get guys inside but they can almost blend in with the other ladies, coyotes and touts out in the street.

The sign for the bar is posted up high above the actual entrance. It is only one of many illuminated signs on the strip. Still the sign can be easier to spot at times than the handful of ladyboys out front. It depends on the conditions.

There are usually somewhere between six and ten ladyboys working at Duangjai. A couple of them are very ladylike and one or two are even totally passable. There are also one or two more masculine ladyboys around too. Most of the others fall somewhere in between. They are all fit and relatively good looking with maybe one exception depending who is working.

The ladyboys at Duangjai usually wear sexy lounge dresses though at times they’ll put on more casual attire. It seems like they must coordinate clothes with each other because they are all on the same page. If one is wearing a dress they all are. If one is wearing jean shorts and a t-shirt they all are.

The bar is small as noted. That doesn’t mean it is too small to enjoy. Just that there isn’t a ton of room outside. It also has an open front which means it doesn’t allow for much privacy or naughty fun in the bar. On the otherhand, LK Metro buzzes so much that most people don’t notice anything that is going on beyond the end of their own nose. That’s why the bars can all sort of blend in with each other.

Prices for drinks and ladydrinks are all reasonable. There is also a lot of regular and street food nearby that can be enjoyed. It’s a laid back and fun place. The ladyboys aren’t aggresive at all. Even when they stand in the street. This is a refreshing change from some of the other ladyboy bars where they almost drag guys inside kicking and screaming. On the other hands bar fines are available at the usual prices and the ladyboys generally seem to be up for fun.

A lot of people like the place. That’s why it stays open and well staffed even though it never seems to get all too crowded.

Duangjai, LK Metro, Pattaya, Thailand. Open every day from 7:00P-1:00A. Click here for the bar’s Facebook page which includes a map of the location.

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