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Review of Fantasy in Pattaya, Thailand

Fantasy is one of the many ladyboy bars on Soi Bukhao in Pattaya, Thailand. Just a short walk from the beach the area probably doesn’t see as many tourists as the strip between Second Road and the water but a lot of people still pass through. Soi Bukhao has really grown in recent years and a lot of regular visitors combine with expats who live there to make it a really lively and interesting area.

Fantasy is located right next to Titti Twister which I will review in the near future. The bar isn’t very big and it would be easy enough to miss if it weren’t for the line of ladyboys that stands in front of the place every night. These ladies stand in the street and call out to any and all men who pass by the place.

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There are probably around eight ladyboys at Fantasy most nights. The majority wait in the entrance until they find a guy to join them in the bar. Once that happens they go inside to do their magic.

Fantasy staffs a mix of ladyboys but they all tend to be young and good looking. Fake tits and long hair are the norm so they look more lady than boy. It’s not like some of the hardcore Soi 6 places where you see ladyboys who look like pro wrestlers in dresses.

In fact some of the ladies at Fantasy look good enough to star in ladyboy porn*. I’m pretty sure at least one of them has which is pretty cool. I for one find the idea of doing a porn star while watching a porn she stars in to be pretty damn hot. I can’t be alone on that.

The ladylike ladyboys at Fantasy are a cool bunch even if they look a little intimidating lined up in front of the bar. They really aren’t that aggressive at all. A reasonably priced lady drink and a chat is enough to keep most of them happy for quite a while though of course they are in it for the money and are most happy when customers take them out of the bar.

Fantasy has low red lighting like you see in clubs Some may be a little less attractive in the light of day but for the most part what you see is what you get. The long faces and plastic surgery noses you might expect join the big pointy titties most sport but there are no real disasters or monsters on staff. For the most part it’s all good.

The women are all pre-op too. That means they have their junk and with maybe one except are ready and willing to use it. As with most ladyboys in Pattaya they tend to be versatile at least with customers which is probably necessary to maximize financial gains. Only doing one or the other style of erotic service would most likely cut them off from at lest half of their customers though I do hear that more customers like to receive than give.

The barfines and the rates the ladies expect are all normal for the area. Guys can usually score short time and a drink for less than 2000 Baht ($57 USD) though ultimately it all comes down to the situation and the negotiating skills of the people involved. Since the ladyboys at Fantasy stay pretty busy I think it’s fair to say that everything is well within what the market can handle.

Although the bar is open to the street the low lighting and the wall of ladyboys up front helps obscure what’s going on in the bar. Nothing too naughty goes down on the barstools in any event but guys who may not want to be seen inside of a ladyboy bar probably view this as a positive. Of course customers still have to go in and out of the bar and since it’s located in the middle of a main strip it would be nearly impossible to do this discreetly. In Pattaya and especially that part of Pattaya no one really cares but I’m sure some of the more shy guys are put off by the openness of it all.

Fantasy, Soi Bukhao, Pattaya, Thailand. Open 7:00P-12:00A. Click here for the bar’s facebook page which includes a map.

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