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Review of Ladyboys Bangkok Escort Service

Thanks to some recent developments, and in some part ladyboy porn, there seems to be a new mood in the air. Ladyboys are more popular than ever. Still, a lot of guys don’t want to be seen walking around in the streets of a major city like Bangkok with a ladyboy holding their hand. They just want a discreet and quick get together with a member of The Third Sex.

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Ladyboy centered businesses in Thailand know this. That’s why a lot of bars either have short time rooms right on premises or are located near a short time hotel where customers can use a room for a few hundred Baht. But even that requires guys to make some sort of public appearance with a ladyboy, even if it is in a place like Nana Plaza where no one would really notice anyway.

I imagine that is one of the main reasons why ladyboy escort services exist. There is definitely a market for home delivery of ladyboys who are ready to go. Surprisingly there aren’t a lot of ladyboy escort services in Bangkok. There are a few around but there are definitely more escort services with “real women” on staff.

Ladyboys Bangkok is one of the oldest and most trusted ladyboy escort companies in Bangkok. They have been around for years. I don’t know exactly when they launched but I seem to remember the company being around as early as 2012. They very well may have existed even longer than that.

As far as I can tell, the entire operation is based on the company website. The site is informative and lists all of the various services available along with the prices. A standard session lasts two hours and costs 6000 Baht ($173 USD) which includes travel expenses. The price isn’t exactly cheap and the rates only go up from there. So sessions cost a lot more than a romp with a ladyboy from a go go bar even with a short time hotel included, but for those who want a ladyboy to show up at their room directly there is value represented in the service. Those who want special services like group action or a ladyboy to service a couple can find that at Ladyboys Bangkok instead of roaming the various clubs and bars trying to find someone to fulfill their requests.

The Ladyboys Bangkok website also includes profiles and pictures of all the ladyboys who work for the company. There are about two dozen women there. A few are post-op and are labeled as such. The rest are fully intact and operational. Although there is always at least some level of photoshopping done to all pictures of escorts in Bangkok, the photos on the Ladyboys Bangkok site seem to be generally accurate. The profiles are also truthful and they list everything from the stats of the ladyboys to the services they provide.

The ladyboys who work at the company for the most part seem to be a decent bunch. They provide the services they promise for the rates listed. They aren’t necessarily clock watchers but they do want to get their jobs done and move on. This is only to be expected but it is worth mentioning. Ladyboys Bangkok is an escort service not a match making operation.

Ladyboys Bangkok, Bangok, Thailand. Open 24 hours. Website:


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