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Review of Montra Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

So far most of the reviews of places on this website have focused on bars and escorts. There are of course other aspects of the ladyboy scene around the world. In a lot of places, ladyboys are limited to working the streets or the internet if they want to trade sexual services for cash. In cities like Bangkok however, they have all sorts of options.

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Thailand is filled with massage parlors of various kinds. There are legitimate therapeutic massage parlors, sexual massage parlors, and in between places where some women offer extras behind the bosses back. Some of these places employ ladyboys but it’s not common. There are only a few places that specifically hire ladyboys and offer adult services. One is Montra (not to be confused with Montra Health & Spa inside of the Central World shopping mall) which is located right in the heart of Bangkok.

Montra might be the most well known ladyboy massage parlor in Thailand, but it’s still pretty small. That goes to show that the ladyboy scene still hasn’t caught up with the regular genetic girl scene in Thailand. Montra is located on Sukhumvit between Sukhumvit Soi 5 and Sukhumvit Soi 7. Ladyboy streetwalkers hang around this area sometimes too.

Montra has a small entrance and even smaller sign, but ladyboys who work at the place sit out front all day and night trying to lure guys inside. There are about a half dozen ladyboys working at Montra. Most of them are very good looking, and they all have boobs. A few are post-op but most still have their cocks and can get hard without issue. They wear sexy clothes that reveal their big boobs and call guys over, sometimes grabbing their hands. They also hold a menu that has the prices for massage.

According to the menu, a Thai massage is 400 Baht ($12 USD) and an oil massage is 500 Baht ($15 USD). Few people pay only this however. Instead they follow one of the ladyboys up the stairs into one of the small and rather ratty rooms. After getting undressed they are typically offered more services, with prices subject to negotiation, even though there are signs on the wall telling customers not to ask for sex.

The ladyboys want anywhere from 500 Baht or more for extras. Usually they start off with crazy high price quotes to see if they can get away with it. At the end, they normally settle for 1000 to 2000 Baht for any kind of normal happy ending services. Since they can have multiple customers every day, they can actually make pretty good money.

Montra Massage, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand. Open 10:00A-12:00A. Click here for a map.


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