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Review of Nuch Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

While ladyboy bars and street walkers tend to get the most press, there are actually a variety of commercial ladyboy venues in Bangkok. Massage parlors might not be the most popular or talked about, but they are heavily trafficked. The most common customers are guys who just want a quicky without a lot of hassle and guys who are too shy or discreet to walk into a ladyboy boy or call a ladyboy escort to their rooms.

Ladyboy Massage

Last week I wrote about Montra Massage which is probably the most well known ladyboy massage parlor in Bangkok. This week I am writing about Nuch Massage which is virtually nextdoor. The entrances to the two places are so close to each other that some people even get confused about which place they are entering.

Like Montra Massage, Nuch Massage has a small sign and entrance. If it weren’t for the ladyboys standing outside on Sukhumvit trying to beckon guys inside it probably wouldn’t be visited that much at all. As the menus in the hands of the ladyboys detail, the price for a Thai massage is 600 Baht ($17.50 USD). The price for an oil massage is 700 Baht ($20 USD). These rates are a little higher than those charged next door at Montra, but Nuch massage does have slightly nicer rooms as well as a shower for customers to use before or after a massage.

Nuch Massage has a little lobby downstairs where foot massages are done. The other massages are done in the rooms upstairs. Officially the place pretends to be a legitimate massage parlor but the scantly dressed ladyboys out front tell the tale. Once in the massage rooms customers are quickly asked what kinds of extras they want. Everything from handjobs to full service can be offered depending on the ladyboy and the customer. Prices start at a few hundred Baht and go up to a few thousand. Everything depends on the negotiations between the ladyboys and the customers. Some ladyboys who think they have a newbie or simply consider themselves to be super hot can ask for higher prices than others in the area. With the slightly higher massage prices this means that Nuch Massage is one of the most expensive ladyboy massage parlors in Bangkok.

There are about six ladyboys working at Nuch Massage most nights. During the day the staff is more limited. Most of the ladyboys at Nuch Massage are really good looking. They tend to be fit and sexy with big fake boobs and they all know how to do their hair and makeup perfectly. Kathoey lovers will know what they are dealing with but I am willing to bet that a least a few unsuspecting guys have been tricked into thinking women were giving them rub downs here. At least that’s what they would tell their friends back home if they ever found what they got into on their trip to Bangkok.

The ladyboys wear sexy dresses even in the middle of the day which makes them stand out quite a bit. Their stature and actions do too of course, with every guy who passes by being tempted to come on in and take a walk on the wild side.

Nuch Massage, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand. Open 10:00A-12:00A. Click here for a map.

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