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Review of Obsessions in Pattaya, Thailand

You could debate whether Pattaya or Phuket was the ladyboy capital of the world. Other cities like Bangkok and even Tokyo have a lot of ladyboys but those two cities have probably more or at least more in bigger concentrations that are available for guys with money to spend time with.

Pattaya surely has a ton of options for the ladyboy lover. Most could probably spend weeks or even months in town without seeing all there is to offer. A lot of long timers and regular visitors have their favorite places which are not always the same places that short time visitors and tourists hit. One reason for that might be visibility.

ladyboy from obsessions go go bar in Bangkok Thailand

The Obsessions go go bar has long had an online presence. If I remember correctly it may even be one of the first go go bars in Thailand to have a web presence. Connected with the Penthouse Hotel the place has been around for over a decade and has a big website with all sorts of pictures.

Like King’s Corner in Bangkok the Obsessions go go bar has a mixed staff. Technically there are two attached go go bars with Obsessions on one side and Kitten Club on the other. In reality they connect and spill over and it’s nothing to see genetic ladies sharing a stage with ladyboys.

Obsessions is a bit away from most other go go bars which tend to be concentrated on Walking Street and LK Metro. There are other standalone go go bars around, including the previously reviewed Baby Boom Agogo, but they have been disappearing left and right. I can count three stand alone genetic lady focused go go bars that closed over the last year.

Obsessions continues to stand and stand strong however, even though the place never does seem to get too busy. The large and cavernous layout surely plays a part in making the place look a little empty at times but the lack of people plays a role too. It is not rare for a customer to the sole client inside on an early evening. Obviously there is never any shortage of company for them.

The website for Obsessions says that there are one hundred ladies on board. I think that’s grossly exaggerated. On close inspection it seems that there are only around a dozen ladies and ladyboys together on most nights.

The ladyboys are a mix of passable or more masculine ladies though the vast majority are pretty good looking with big fake boobs. Only a few are all natural up top even though most have kept their natural equipment downstairs. I would guess the average age to be in the mid twenties. The pictures on the Obsessions website give some kind of idea of what they look like though those photos are obviously old and touched up. In reality staff can look better or worse but it would be tough for anyone to stand up to their best photograph in real life, especially when it is modified.

The ladies and ladyboys at Obsessions and the attached Kitten Club wear bikinis and spend most of their time dancing on stage. The ladyboys will occasionally slip their bikini tops to the side to reveal more boob. The real ladies never do. Wieners only very occasionally make an appearance in intimate moments that are probably not condoned by the owners. There are things like a tub on hand for bath shows though they don’t seem to be as common as they used to be.

Some of the ladies and ladyboys on staff will make the rounds when not dancing. When on stage ladies and ladyboys often try to get customers to buy them a ladydrink so that they can come down and get more comfortable.

Some people have made the claim that the management at Obsessions is too pushy. It actually seems as if the ladyboys are a lot more aggressive than any managers. They aren’t the most aggressive in the world or even in Thailand but there is a clear thrust to buy lady drinks. That only makes sense in an industry where the staff make their money on things like that but it is still something to note.

Customers who do buy ladydrinks at the relatively fair rates will be joined by a ladyboy for a while. This often leads to some touching and groping and sometimes more. That’s often done as a prelude or advertisement of services in an attempt to get customers to pay a 600 Baht ($17 USD) barfine for a private session.

Private sessions can take place either in a customer’s room, a short time hotel nearby or commonly one of the many rooms available at the Penthouse just next door. The Penthouse rooms which are large and interestingly decorated are a popular option with their temporary price tag of just 500 Baht ($14 USD). The ladies and ladyboys who are usually up for playing either alone or in groups typically ask for 1000 Baht ($28 USD) for a short bit of their time. Of course tips to service providers are between them and their customers just like the activities they do. So things can change.

Obsessions. Soi Pattayaland 2 aka Pattaya Beach Road Soi 13/4, Pattaya, Thailand. Open 7:00P-1:00A. Click here for a map of the location. Click here for the Obsessions website.

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