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The best ladyboy bars in Bangkok

More guys are interested in ladyboys now than ever. Or at least more guys are coming into contact with ladyboys and admitting their attraction. The Third Sex has been around for ages and we certainly aren’t the first to have an interest in chicks with dicks.

An increase in Thai ladyboy bars has come along with the increase in open interest of ladyboys. I guess that’s the invisible hand at work. A less optimistic person may say that greed follows need, but I digress. The point is that there are a lot of guys looking to meet ladyboys for the first time in their lives at the same time that there are a huge number of ladyboy bars operating in Thailand’s capital city.

I have been interested in ladyboys for some time and have checked out every ladyboy bar in the Land of Smiles, so I have a jump on the guys just opening their eyes to the wide world of Thai T-girls. Here’s my list of the best ladyboy bars in Bangkok.

ladyboys at check in bar in Bangkok

Check In Bar is probably the best ladyboy lounge in the country. The place has a really laid back vibe and plenty of good looking ladyboys. There is really no pressure at the bar and even the farang customers are really cool.

On the other hand, Charades has some of the most aggressive ladyboys in the city on staff. That isn’t necessarily bad, as some guys want to find ladyboys to lead the way or at least match them in terms of effort. The ladyboys at Charades could go toe to toe and blow for blow with the best of them!

Straps is without a doubt the best bar in Bangkok and probably the world for post-op ladyboys. The ladyboys at Straps look so much like genetic girls that a lot of guys are fooled. While most ladyboys in Thailand are upfront and honest about their genders the gals at Straps consider themselves women and don’t want to be called or admit to being anything else. They’re nearly all gorgeous though, with most looking better than a lot of “regular girls.”

Pinocchio’s Club is a tiny little place tucked next to a famous blowjob bar in Patpong. The small size is actually a plus though, since the place is so quite and intimate. It’s a great place to kick back with the half dozen ladyboys on staff and really have some fun. The prices are low too!

The only ladyboy bar in Soi Cowboy, Cockatoos is relatively small but it has some really great looking ladyboys on staff. Plus they all walk around in bikinis! The looking babes in the bar have a clear preference for Japanese and Korean customers but they are all up for sitting with a farang if he has a few hundred baht to spend on a lady drink.

Finally there is King’s Castle III in Patpong which is cool for its own reasons. An open go go bar with a mix of both ladyboys and regular women, King’s Castle number three is always primed for a good time. The people in the bar aren’t aggressive at all. At the same time they are warm and fun loving and open to spend time with whoever happens to wander into the place.


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