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Ladyboy street walkers in Angeles City, Philippines

The Philippines is filled with people. Tens of millions cover the many islands that make up the country. A lot of the people have a reputation for being horny. I don’t know if they are any more or any less horny than anyone else. You could look at the huge population growth and say it is obvious that they are. I think that has more to do with a lack of birth control use than anything else. The pope says it’s a sin to rubber up after all.

Filipina ladyboy

Angeles City is just north of Manila. A lot of buses go there from other cities. It can also be reached by taxi from Manila and airplanes from a few countries that land at Clark International Airport. Angeles City came to prominence when it hosted a US military base. The soldiers were apparently in need of some company and a whole industry sprung up to meet their needs. That created rows of bars along Walking Street and Perimeter Road. When the US soldiers left the local army took over. The local soldiers don’t use the same bars. But the bars remain anyway, now with customers from all over the world. A lot of American guys including more than a few soldiers still go to the bars. They are joined by Aussies and a lot of Koreans, Japanese and Malaysians.

The Philippines has a lot of ladyboys. Locals usually just refer to these Filipina ladyboys as baklas. That is the same word they use for gays. So it’s like Thailand in that regard. Except that there are more ladyboys in Thailand. Ladyboys in Thailand also seem to be more accepted and generally better looking. I think they may only be better looking there because they can access more money which means more cosmetics and cosmetic surgery.

There are no ladyboy bars in Angeles City. None of the dozens of bars employ them to dance or go out with customers. Occasionally you’ll find one working as a mamasan or waitress but that’s about it. So the ladyboys who are working in Angeles City have only a few ways to meet customers. One is to go through websites like Date in Asia, Ladyboy Kisses or My Ladyboy Date. That works for some but may not produce the immediate action they want or need. They also have to compete with ladyboys who are looking for genuine dating or love instead of money. Surely that would be tough to win.

So what the working breed of ladyboys in Angeles City tend to do is work the streets. Since almost all of the foreigners in the city are concentrated along Walking Street, it only makes sense that the street walking ladyboys hang out there too. Most nights some can be found walking or standing around between the Walking Street welcome gate all the way up the Angeles City Beach Club. They usually hang around with at least one other lady or ladyboy.

Normally they are pretty quiet and reserved. They rarely approach guys and if they do they just ask if they want a massage. Usually they don’t have any breasts and maybe only a little makeup and regular street clothes. There isn’t much glamour to it.

Plus there are a lot of rumors about set ups in the area. People report they have taken street walking ladies from this area only to run into problems. I don’t know if this is true or not. One guy I know seems to believe the rumors are started by the bars to get people to go into their businesses instead of picking up chicks from the streets. Surprisingly, I have never heard any horror stories involving local ladyboys. Only the “real” ladies.

In any case, there aren’t many ladies or ladyboys walking the streets. The bars get most of the action. At the very most there may be ten ladies and ladyboys combined walking the street there on any given night. Usually there are only a few. They want 1000 Pesos ($20 USD) for a short time get together or more for longer. Some start with much higher quotes but are known to settle for as little as 500 Pesos ($10 USD) a go.

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