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Review of the Changelings in Tokyo, Japan

Japan is known as being an odd place. I don’t judge. I actually think there is some freedom there in the midst of that conservative society that doesn’t exist even in a lot more liberal countries. Prostitution is illegal in Japan but there’s a catch. Prostitution is defined as trading cash for vaginal intercourse. That means that ladyboys, or “newhalf” as they are known in Japan, are free to sell handjobs, blowjobs and anal with no issue whatsoever. Tell me that’s not amazing.

There are tons of sexual businesses in Japan. Few people speak English in the country however. Even if they did it might not matter. Most places don’t want foreign customers. There are some exceptions but generally speaking the many adult businesses around are Japanese only.

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There is a major exception with ladyboys though. Although there are only a handful of ladyboy shops, the ones that do exist are all totally open to foreigners. They even half gals on staff who speak English, which is awesome.

One unique thing about the ladyboys in Japan is that they usually get their balls removed. They normally have enhanced boobs and cocks that get rock hard but the berries are clipped away. The idea is that this prevents their bodies from creating testosterone.

In any event, booking time with ladyboys can be tough at some places because the managers and phone staff don’t usually speak English. It can be done though. It just takes some patience. At The Changelings there aren’t any real problems. It’s easy to book a session.

I found out about The Changelings through the Tokyo Night Style website. I am glad I did. It’s a really cool place with hot women who are totally into foreign guys.

The Changelings has three locations in Tokyo. One is in Ueno, one is in Shinagawa and one is in Shinjuku. They send ladyboys out to hotels and love hotels but they also have incall options available for guys who would rather go somewhere to do their business. That costs a little more.

Prices vary. A short forty minute session with only a handjob or blowjob is just 10,000 Yen ($90 USD). Things like anal or longer sessions add more costs. Choosing a lady also carries a premium. This is the norm in Japan where there are normally different prices for different services.

The place has some weird options. For a little cash, guys can watch ladyboys pee or get a blowjob from a ladyboy with soda in her mouth. It’s not necessary, but it’s there for those who want it.

Discounts are also available. Guys between the ages of 19 and 23 get 3000 Yen off. There are also promos for threesomes and more.

It’s all there on the shop’s webpage. They even have an English version for foreign customers. The page contains profiles on the various ladyboys available that even show what services each gal on staff provides.

The Changelings takes payment in cash and credit. They don’t even charge any extra for credit which is pretty rare in Japan. The shop is straight forward and not out to rip anyone off at all. It’s a refreshing option in the land of the rising sun.

The Changelings, Tokyo, Japan. Open 11:00A-12:00A. Click here for the company’s English webpage. Click here for the company’s Twitter feed.

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