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Where are the ladyboys in Tokyo, Japan?

Unlike Thailand and the Philippines, Japan isn’t known as a ladyboy hotspot. It’s true that there aren’t millions of ladyboys in Japan, but the ladyboys who do call that country home tend to be very hot. Just look at Miran!

Maybe it’s because Japan has a lot of money or because Japanese girls are really good at makeup. Whatever the reason, the new halfs in Japan are really hot as a general rule.

The beautiful Shurin from The Changelings

Japan has a lot of sex shops but most of them are closed to foreigners. There are only a few ladyboy sexy shops in Tokyo but surprisingly they are seem to accept foreign guys without problem. They usually have English speaking staff too, which is pretty rare for a shop of any kind in Japan.

Club Diamond is an incall escort place. Customers show up and book their sessions in person. Then they head to a private room where they have fun with the ladyboy or ladyboys they have selected. A one hour appointment costs 17,000 Yen ($155 USD) and longer sessions cost more.

Another foreigner friendly ladyboy shop is called The Changelings. It also follows the incall model at its three locations, but it does offer outcall too. There are a lot of different services offered at The Changelings ranging from the cheap to the expensive. A massage with blowjob is only 10,000 Yen ($91 USD) which isn’t bad. Longer sessions with more activities have higher prices obviously. It seems like the ladyboys at The Changelings are a little bit more beautiful, but both places have hot chicks with dick on their rosters.

There aren’t any ladyboy street walkers in Tokyo. There aren’t any real ladyboy pick up spots either. You can find ladyboys around but they are pretty damn rare. It seems like a lot of them are in the sex industry or porn.

Nearly all the transgenders on Tokyo Craigslist are looking for money. Most of them are Thai or Filipina, though they tend to have that “gal” style that is or was popular in Japan. I have only ever seen a handful of Japanese new halfs there.

I have never seen a single ladyboy on Tinder despite swiping through thousands of pictures in Tokyo. I have seen some Filipina ladyboys on dating sites like Date In Asia but they were pretty rare too. The only guaranteed place to find Tokyo ladyboys online would be ladyboy dating sites.

There are some Tokyo based ladyboys on Lady Boy Kisses, TS Dates, and even Thai Friendly (in the form of Thai ladyboys in Tokyo), but the selection is pretty limited. Japanese ladyboys don’t seem to be too found of online dating and even if they were they probably wouldn’t do it in English.

Professional ladyboys aren’t too difficult to find in Tokyo. Regular every day ladyboys looking for love are a lot more difficult to locate. Thankfully, there are awesome websites like TranSexJapan around so you can get a lot of enjoyment out of Tokyo’s transgenders even if you never meet a single one in real life!

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