I’m a normal guy. Well, for the most part. Despite my middle class Western origins I do have a thing for chicks with dicks, or ladyboys as they are commonly called in Asia, or transgender women as they are now called in the politically correct parts of the world. As things progress it seems that this little like of mine may indeed becoming “more normal” but at the moment it is still definitely not “the norm.”

After years of regular dating and forays into the world of the more naughty with “regular girls,” I decided to take the plunge and try my luck with ladyboys on one of my many visits to Thailand. The country is filled with ladyboys who by the admission of most rival the genetic woman in looks. As it turns out they often surpass them in sensuality and sexual skill.

Review of Obsessions ladyboy bar in Bangkok Thailand

By and large I had to find my own way through this new world hidden in full view. Although there guides to nearly everything online in this modern age there are really no central and organized compilations of real research and on the ground information regarding my beloved ladyboys. Or if there are I haven’t found them. That never seemed right to me. After months of thinking about it I finally got around to creating this site at the tail end of 2016.

I plan to update regularity as time goes on so that this website will eventually be filled with the sort of information I was never able to find, or at least, was never able to find concentrated in one place and presented in a clear and honest way.

My intention is not to guide anyone else down my path. Each person makes their own way in life. I made mine and now I write about it. I think some people will enjoy reading what I have written. Hopefully I will also be able to turn some sort of income out of this information. I will occasionally place links to affiliate programs and advertisers that will compensate me for this activity, though this will never be the driving force of the site. I will make the presence of advertisements and affiliate links as obvious as possible to the reader. I am not out to confuse anyone.

I do not have the time or resources to vet advertisers. I rely on the word of advertisers that whatever it is they are selling, if anything, is within the bounds of the law where they operate. Ultimately we are unable and unwilling to take responsibility for anything placed on any other websites even if they are linked to from this site.

As should be obvious, I can’t and don’t take any responsibility for the actions of anyone who reads this website either. It was created purely to entertain readers. I make no guarantees of its accuracy and I do not advocate or recommend anything to anyone.

I hope you will enjoy the site. Please feel free to let me know what you think of it by leaving comments on posts or sending me an email through the contact form.



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