Which country has the hottest ladyboys?

There are 193 countries in the world. Which country has the hottest ladyboys? This is a question that really interests me. Since you’re here, I can only guess that it interests you too. Ladyboy lovers unite!

Now we can’t just stereotype entire countries filled with millions of people. Just because you see a stunner in one country, it doesn’t mean every other transgender in that same country is going to look like a supermodel. There are outliers and exceptions in every group. People are no different. At the end of the day, ladyboys are people just like me and you.

With that preamble out of the way, I do think I can address this question. I’ve been around the world and I’ve seen a lot of chicks with dicks. I’ve even closely examined a lot of those ladyboys dicks, all in the name of science of course!

Best countries for ladyboys

The two best countries for ladyboys have got to be Thailand and the Philippines. Indonesia and maybe even Cambodia would follow after that. This doesn’t mean that these countries have the best looking ladyboys. It just means that you have the best odds of meeting ladyboys in these countries for the simple fact that they exist in high numbers.

beautiful viet ladyboy

Thailand is without a doubt the most well known ladyboy country in the world. They have more ladyboys or kathoeys than any other country. You can find ladyboys all over Thailand. It’s actually rare to go a day without seeing at least one Thai ladyboy, even if you’re not seeking them out.

There are also a lot of ladyboys in the Philippines. But they’re not nearly as visible. Filipino society isn’t as generally accepting of transgenders as Thailand. You could blame the conservative Catholic religion or look at other aspects of the culture. I’ll leave that up to you and the professors in the sociology department at UC Berkley.

Where are the most beautiful ladyboys found?

Okay, so that tells you where you can find ladyboys the easiest. But it doesn’t tell you where the hottest ladyboys can be found. That’s a much harder question to answer. What is beauty anyway? For me it is passable ladyboys who look like real women that just happen to have cocks where their pussies should be. But for some other guys, it could be an Amazonian who looks like a construction worker in a sundress.

beautiful vietnam ladyboy

Then there are all the other subjective factors. Is lighter skin more beautiful? What about higher noses? That’s what most Asians think. And the best looking ladyboys are in Asia. So maybe they’re right. Really, it all comes down to who you ask. In this case, you are asking me. So I will give you my answer.

I’ve seen a lot of ladyboys in Cambodia. None of them looked much like women, with one or two exceptions. I’ve seen about as many ladyboys in Indonesia. Some of them looked like real chicks. Others were clearly hiding cocks in their frocks. So I wouldn’t count either of those places, or Laos where the pickings are pretty slim.

And the winner is…

The Philippines has a lot of ladyboys. Especially down around Cebu. The younger ones in the 18 to 23 age range can look a lot like real women. Enough so that they can fool the average guy. They also have beautiful little cocks with mushroom heads that drive me wild, even if they do strange circumcisions that leave a turkey neck on the hang low. So the Philippines is up high on the list.

Then there is Thailand. Thailand has the most ladyboys by far. But in my opinion they do not have the hottest ladyboys. Sure there are some amazing ladyboys around like Chinni in Bangkok and the ladyboy porn star Wine. But the majority of Thai ladyboys that you find in the bars are actually pretty rough and masculine looking. They also tend to go overboard on the plastic surgery, especially when it comes to weird stuff like cranial restructuring and those gross butt implants.

So while you might find a lot of hot ladyboys in Thailand and the Philippines, that could also be because you h ave the biggest pool to choose from. With tens of thousands of ladyboys, you are bound to find some real beauties. Yet what about the ratio of beauty to booty? For me, that is what it all comes down to in a conversation like this.

That’s why I would say that Vietnam is the country with the most beautiful ladyboys in the world. I base this on what I have seen with my own eyes after looking all over. Vietnamese ladyboys are just absolutely gorgeous and feminine, with great bodies and super cute faces. They also have some of the best cocks you will find anywhere, nicely shaped with round red cherry heads on the bell end.

There aren’t huge numbers of ladyboys in Vietnam. But the ladyboys you do see there are just out of this world. You’re not going to run into them on your stroll through the market, but you can find them. Since there isn’t a bumrush of white guys in Vietnam they can be a lot more friendly and approachable than the war wary ladyboys from Thailand the Philippines too.

Go look at some Vietnamese ladyboys for yourself and you will quickly see what I am talking about. In terms of travel, you can visit the ladyboy hangouts in Ho Chi Minh City. But it’s even easier to just sign up for the ladyboy dating site Ladyboy Kisses and go over the profiles and pictures. That way you can look before you even bother to talk. If you think I’m totally wrong and a jackass for writing this, just let me know. I am happy to hear from you. As it stands, I think Vietnamese ladyboys are most beautiful in the world. Change my mind!

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