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Do they make ladyboy sex dolls?

Did you ever wonder if they make ladyboy sex dolls? It’s a valid question. It can be difficult to even find a ladyboy let alone score a date with one of the hung but still fairer sex. In some parts of the world the closest trans babe might be hundreds of kilometers away. Since vanilla straight dudes are able to get off with the modern marvel of high tech silicone sex dolls it only seems fair that adventurous men willing to dabble with the third sex should also have some adult sex dolls available to us.

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Of course you can purchase a female sex doll. These things have been around forever. Years ago you might have been limited to an inflatable pool raft with a pussy that you could find for order in the back of porno magazines. Later on technology advanced and companies started coming out with realistic sex dolls constructed of materials like silicone and TPE.

Nowadays you can order adult pleasure toys that match up with pretty much ever fetish and interest under the sun. For example the hetero chubby chasers out there can actually purchase a BBW love doll right off of the shelf. That’s tons of fun right to your door with just the click of a mouse. Of course this extends to those of us who prefer our chicks to have dicks too.

Sure the variety of ladyboy sex dolls on the market is not nearly as wide as the number of pussy-having plastic fuck buddies you can find. But what should that surprise us? There aren’t as many ladyboys as there are “regular” cis-gender ladies either! The third sex is a semi-secret sort of prize. They are women with a little something extra that those of us who can appreciate a hard cock under a pair of feminine panties can appreciate.

You might think that there would be many more shemale sex dolls out there. After all tranny porn is probably the fastest growing and most popular kind of porn today. Shemale sex used to be relegated to alternate pages of the internet. T-girl porn had its own tabs on the porn tubes and live cam sites. Ladyboys even had their own ladyboy bars in Thailand. But that sort of segregation is quickly ended thanks to some great activism on the part of those who know better.

So now we have transgender women participating in women’s sports, ladyboys on stage with the “regular” women in go go bars, and porn staring transgender women showing up right along with all the other porn on pages like Pornhub. No doubt this is contributing to the ongoing mass acceptance of gender benders. There is hope for the future!

The selection of shemale sex dolls is somewhat small, but so what? The fact that we have ladyboy sex dolls available is a major achievement and substantial victory in and of itself. It wasn’t so long ago that people were being arrested for purchasing plain old regular dildos. Now guys like you and I can go on the internet and purchase life size sex dolls with hard penises and tight buttholes just waiting to be stuffed. We’ve come a long way!

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