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How to get topped by a ladyboy

Do you want to get done by a ladyboy? Getting “topped” is just another way of saying getting fucked. A ladyboy tops you when she sticks her hard penis into your asshole and pumps. But riding on ladyboy cock isn’t something that most guys are just going to start doing overnight. Like most things it takes a little foresight and practice! So if you want to try to get topped by a ladyboy just pucker up and dig in to this article.

You probably don’t want to just jump right in (or should I say “on”) to getting fucked by an Asian ladyboy though. They can be real sexual machines that will drill you like they are trying to strike oil! Do you really want to go from slim anus to full Hershey Highway in a matter of minutes? It won’t be funny or fun. Instead you should prep your anus by getting it stretched and ready for whatever kind of ladyboy dick you end up working with.

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The first step to getting topped is to open up your ass so you can take on a chick with a dick. Some people will recommend sticking a finger up your shitter. But I am not one of those people. It’s gross. Plus you might have a hang nail or something that could reap real carnage. Instead, I recommend getting started with a set of started butt plugs.

You are going to want a lot of lube too. Buy the biggest container of KY Jelly or Astroglide you can find. Forget the other “anal sex” lube. It’s all too expensive and too thin for toys anyway. Especially when you are starting out. Use what the ladyboy pros go with: KY Jelly!

Get yourself nice and horny. Cover your ass end with copious amounts of KY Jelly. Then cover the smallest butt plug with the same stuff. Slowly slide it in until you can take it to the hilt. Then hang out there a little bit. Finally put out the plug, which can hurt more than putting it in if you’re not careful. Rinse and repeat with the larger size buttplugs until you can take the largest with ease.

Next you’re going to want to move on to a dildo. I personally recommend a semi-stiff silicone dildo in the 5″ range that looks and feels like a real dick. No hard vibrators or anything tough. Remember that a real cock has some give to it. So you can prepare with a dildo that does too. A dildo with a pair of balls and a strong suction cup works best.

Do the same thing with the dildo that you did with the butt plug. Only this time try to move up and down on the dildo once you get it inside of you. This simulates getting fucked or at least riding up and down on a shemale prick. It’s a totally different game when compared to just sliding a sausage inside. Now you’re talking about actually taking dick!

Once you’re able to slide up and down on a dildo with full force you will be ready to move on to the real training. You can either find a friend to pound out your puckered pipe or get yourself a nice new Fuk Machine with a dildo attachment. After you have mastered the craft of getting fucked by a machine dildo in the doggy position for a solid 10 to 15 minutes then you are ready to get some ready ladyboy dong up your arse!

The final step is just to find a ladyboy to top you. This isn’t hard to do in a lot of places. If you’re in a city like Bangkok you can find a ladyboy on a dating site and have a rod up your poop shoot before you finish reading this article. There are lots of ladyboys and many ways to meet them. Getting the tops can be tougher though.

A top has to get hard and stay hard long enough to fuck your ass. Easier said than done! A lot of the lady like ladyboys take horomone pills and can’t get hard, stay hard, pump a man’s ass and blow a load. The Amazonians who look like blokes in dresses can do all of the above. The bad thing about a ladyboy who looks like a man in a dress is that when they take off the dress they just look like a man! At least they can top though. That’s a plus for anyone who wants to have their tailpipe used like a pussy!

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