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Over the past year this website has published reviews of some adult oriented ladyboy websites in between posting reviews of ladyboy venues and locations. It seems obvious that guys interested in ladyboys in the flesh would also be interested in seeing them in their most intimate state too. This site will never become entirely focused on ladyboy websites but it’s nice to be able to watch a ladyboy cutie get down when not in walking distance of a place like Charades.

Japanese ladyboy Miran

It is almost impossible to imagine that anything new could come out in the world of porn in 2017, but yet there are things like virtual reality porn coming out all the time. There are also some sites that are relatively traditional yet so well done that they deserve note. One such site is TranSexJapan.

TranSexJapan was just launched a few months back by the people behind Sperm Mania but it already packed full with many high definition and uncensored videos of absolutely amazing Japanese ladyboys fucking, sucking and jacking themselves off for the camera.

Far from boring, TranSexJapan is filled with all kinds of different scenes including foot jobs, frottage and mutual masturbation. Best of all, it has many clips with Japanese newhafu sensation Miran.

Most Japanese ladyboys are on the thin side and flat chested so those who like their fem bois are in luck with TranSexJapan. All ladyboy lovers should be pleased with the rest, and I don’t know what man could resist the amazing Miran and her tanned body which is just perfect from boobs to butt.

TranSexJapan has a very clean interface that isn’t burdened with any kinds of crap. You can quickly and easily get right to the high quality content and fap away to your heart’s content. At the moment a one month membership is $54.95. There are discounts for longer memberships, so a three month sign up costs only $125.95.

TranSexJapan bills itself as “The Finest Japanese Transexual Site.” I don’t know if it is exactly there yet but if it keeps progressing as it has in its first months of operation it seems pretty clear that it will be the top destination for Japanese transexual lovers in the very near future.

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