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A lot of guys love ladyboys. I actually tend to think that was always the case. Especially since there are records of the “third sex” showing up in ancient history across a wide variety of cultures. As it turns out, chicks with dicks go way back. Since they were around I have to imagine they were getting busy with someone. As you can see my theory is scientific and flawless.

In any event, more guys are into transgender women now than ever before. Or at least they are more open and honest about it. I see guys on Facebook and even porn sites posting comments under their real names and pictures. When a guy writes “I would love to suck her she-cock” on a picture of a ladyboy prostitute in Pattaya, you know he is really committed.

I for one welcome this change of pace. Our ladyboy friends should be openly and warmly embraced. Why not? They’re like women but with a little something extra. They’re always horny too. So you are never without a sex partner when you need one. That is maybe the most thing about the ladies with three legs.

You don’t even need to be in one of the best countries for ladyboys to connect with one of these amazing people in this day and age. Especially now with all the shemale sex cams available, you can get your fix of sluts with nuts no matter where you are. Ladyboy admirers in the frozen Yukon can instantly get intimate with a tropical T-girl from Thailand. This is the amazing reality of life on earth in the 21st century!

I can still remember my first time with a ladyboy. Others haven’t even had that experience yet. But they might be better off than I was. Because they can take the time to interact with ladyboys on shemale sex cams and test out the waters long before they ever decide to take the plunge. That sure beats bending over a bar and getting butt fucked as a way of getting broken in.

On second thought, that might just depend on who you ask. Some guys would certainly want to jump right into (or on to) the mighty meat stick. But for those who are just curious and want to find out how they really feel when with a ladyboy there are now more options than there ever were before. It’s easy to spend time talking to someone over the internet. You don’t really have get up your nerves and take the plunge. You just press a couple of buttons and you’re good to go.

Another great thing about the shemale sex cams is that they allow the ladyboys to make a living. In this day and age when everything is in flux, it is nice that they can continue to earn income. For some it is a much safer method of making money, especially if they used to earn coin by walking the streets for money.

There are a lot of hot ladyboys all around the world, and of course some ugly ones too. Another good thing about the live streaming sites is that they let us see what it out there. I am particular about Asian ladyboys. Other guys might be into more masculine trannies from Colombia. There is only one way to find out. That is by taking a look with your our eyes. If you can jack a load out while you do, that is just all the better!

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