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Review of Club Diamond in Tokyo, Japan

While Thai ladyboys get most of the press there are also large ladyboy communities in other parts of Asia. One of the least talked about scenes is in Tokyo. There are actually a lot of ladyboys there and many of them work in the commercial sex industry which due to local laws is totally legal.

Japanese ladyboy escort Nao in Tokyo

Several months ago I wrote about The Changelings in Tokyo. Of course that is not the only ladyboy escort service in the city. Another is Club Diamond.

The huge female centered commercial sex industry in Japan is largely off limits to locals, but that is not the case when it comes to ladyboys (or “new half” as the Japanese call them). Most ladyboy establishments try their best to deal with customers who are not Japanese and cannot speak the local language.

Club Diamond accepts customers of all races and colors. The shop’s website is mainly in Japanese, but they usually have English speaking staff at the shop which is located in the Shinjuku part of the city.

When customers arrive, they simply ring a door bell and wait for someone to show up. A staff member quickly appears and guides them inside where the prices and services are explained. As with most Japanese sex shops there are a wide variety of service sets available, but basically a one hour session costs 17,000 Yen ($152 USD). Other services including a “3P” or threesome set cost more.

After customers select an available staff member from a set of photographs they pay their bill and wait for their service provider to arrive. There are around twenty four ladyboys working at Club Diamond. Most of them look very good. They are all fit and they are all experts at doing their hair and makeup, just like real Japanese women! Some, like the venerable Nao, are very ladylike.

When the service providers are ready they enter the room to greet their customers. From there the customer gets nude as does the service provider. Then the service begins. Most sessions start with mutual showering then move to the bed. The rooms are large enough for the service provided but they are nothing special. Everything is clean and neat.

Typical services include deep french kissing, mutual oral sex and anal sex. Condoms are used for anal sex. All of the ladyboys have their penises and can get hard. A few have had their balls cut off, which is actually quite common in Japan. The majority of the ladyboys at Diamond Club are versatile, but some only top or bottom. This is indicated along with their pictures shown when sessions are booked.

Club Diamond, 160-0021 Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukichō, 2 Chome−42. Open 12:00P-12:00A. Click here for the company’s webpage. Click here for a map.

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