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Review of Pinocchio’s Club in Bangkok, Thailand

Pinocchio’s Club is a quaint little bar in the infamous Patpong section of Bangkok. Well, that’s only really true if by quaint you mean sleazy in an old school Thailand sex shop kind of way. There aren’t many places like this around any more.

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Pinocchio’s Club is located just a few meters from the Star Of Light blowjob bar on Patpong Soi 2. That bar has about ten regular women on staff who blow customers inside the bar for a few hundred baht. Things aren’t necessarily that different at Pinocchio’s except that it is staffed by ladyboys.

Pinocchio’s is back from the road. It’s under a walkway so it is not so obvious. The door is well marked but there are no large flashing signs or anything like that.

There are currently four ladyboys working at Pinocchio’s. There used to be a lot more. There may be more again in the future. These things change all the time based on any number of factors.

The bar officially opens at 4 in the afternoon but things don’t really get going until 6 in the evening or even a little later. Before that, there is only one ladyboy around and she mostly uses the time to clean the place up from whatever happened the night before.

The ladyboys at Pinocchio’s sit out front of the bar waiting for customers. The only exception is when a ladyboy already has a customer inside or is going to the toilet.

When customers enter they see a small bar that is about twice as big as Star of Light. There is a fish tank and a bar with a few stools on the left side. On the right side there are a few elevated booths that look like they belong in a go go bar. At the far end of the bar there are some more booths lower down and the door that leads to the bathroom.

Prices are reasonable. Drinks for customers start at just 100 Baht ($3 USD). Lady drinks for the ladyboys aren’t much more at 160 Baht ($4.70 USD). The ladyboys don’t really push for drinks which is pretty surprising considering how aggressive ladyboys in other bars around the city can be. Of course the ladyboys at Pinocchio’s do like to have fun. Or at the very least they like to give customers fun in exchange for money.

I guess Pinocchio’s isn’t really a blowjob bar. But blowjobs certainly happen inside at times. The ladyboys at the bar prefer to do blowjobs and other stuff in the pretty large bathroom in the back, but they also do stuff right at the bar and in the booths with regularity. At certain times its like a wild party inside. Even when it’s more tame it’s not a big surprise for a male member to make an appearance. Sometimes it belongs to a customer. Sometimes it belongs to a ladyboy. Sometimes there are more than one out.

Couples even show up at times and apparently a few of the more manly looking ladyboys are happy to service both men and women if the price is right. This doesn’t happen with regularity but it does happen.

The bar fine at Pinocchio’s is 600 Baht ($17 USD). The ladyboys ask for anywhere from 1000 to 3000 Baht ($29-86 USD) to service customers. The rates depend on a number of things. Ultimately it comes down to negotiation between the parties involved.

As mentioned, there are some masculine ladyboys at the bar. At least one appears to have some stubble on her face. Others are more feminine. None are absolute stunners but since beauty is in the eye of the beholder others may disagree.

Pinocchio’s, Patpong Soi 2, Bangkok, Thailand. Open 4:00P-1:00A. Click here for a map. This map shows the real location of the bar. The listing for “Pinocchio’s Club” on Google maps is in the wrong location for some reason.

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