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Review of Cockatoo go go bar in Bangkok, Thailand

There are four major go go bar areas in Bangkok. Three are totally oriented to foreigners with no Thai customers around. One of those is Soi Cowboy which is widely considered to be one of the cleanest and most central.

Soi Cowboy is a short little street but it is absolutely loaded with go go bars. There are so many bars that they can all sort of blend in with each other. You can get from one end of the street to the other without being able to remember anything that you’ve just seen. There is only one ladyboy go go bar in Soi Cowboy. That is Cockatoo Bar.

Cockatoo Ladyboys

Cockatoo could be easily missed by anyone walking too briskly. The bar has a large neon sign but there are so many large neon signs smashed together on Soi Cowboy that they all sort to look like one big blur. Cockatoo in located on the southern side of Soi Cowboy near the end that intersects with Sukhumvit Soi 23.

There are usually at least some ladyboys hanging out in front of Cockatoo. When there are no customers inside early in the evening the majority of them stand out front. When the place gets busy only a few hang around in the street.

Cockatoo is of average size. The place is longer than wide. There is a bar in the back where drinks are made. In the middle there is an elevated stage with some poles. Along both walls there are rows of seats where customers sit. The seats are connected so on the busiest nights customers can be placed right next to each other which may be off putting for some. To be fair though this is pretty rare.

The ladyboys aren’t necessarily aggressive but whether they are on stage dancing or walking past they never let the opportunity to ask a customer for a lady drink go. Customers who do break out some Baht to buy a ladydrink are able to sit with the ladyboy of their choosing and then are for the most part left alone by the other people on staff. A lot of the ladyboys will hug and touch customers who buy them drinks and its not uncommon for them to pop their tits out either.

There are between one and two dozen ladyboys working Cockatoo on any given night. They wear bikinis and badges with numbers that can be used to identify them. Some combination of the bikini bottoms and the ladyboys own skills in concealment can hide their hot dogs from view but make no mistake that most of them are full intact. A few aren’t so functional and one or two have gone under the knife to have their junk removed but the vast majority are packing meat.

Most of the ladyboys at Cockatoo are good looking. Some look fantastic. One or two really go for the Japanese look probably because so many Japanese customers visit the bar. Japanese guys are so important to the bar that the sign outside even has a Japanese subtitle that says something like “ladyboy bar.”

One or two of the ladyboys at Cockatoo are a little more manly looking. They also seem to be some of the most adventurous. A few of the ladyboys at Cockatoo are totally passable. Nearly all have gone in for some kind of surgery with nose jobs and the ubiquitous big silicone tits being the most common procedures received. All in all Cockatoo is home to some of the most lady like ladyboys of any Thai bar.

Of course you don’t have to take my word for the looks of the ladyboys. The people behind Cockatoo were wise enough to set up a website that has clear pictures of a lot of the ladies on staff. They don’t show all of the ladyboys at the bar but they give a good overiew. With any pictures like these there is usually at least some touching up done but I can say that the pictures on the Cockatoo website are fairly representative. A little more in the way of blemishes may appear in person especially in the light of day but otherwise they are about right on.

Drinks at Cockatoo are not expensive for the area considering that the place is a go go bar. A customer buying a drink for themselves and one for a ladyboy could spend around 350 Baht ($10 USD). That’s a lot less than one would spend at a strip club in one of the “developed countries” and those have a distinct lack of barfines options, not to mention sluts with nuts!

The barfine at Cockatoo bar is 600 Baht ($17 USD) which is fair for the area. There are also rooms available upstairs for an additional 400 Baht ($11.50 USD) but as a lot of the ladyboys on staff are quick to state thhere are cleaner rooms at the nearby short time hotel for only one hundred Baht more.

The ladies require additional payments from customers to render any of their erotic services. For the most part this means that customers shell out between 1500 and 2500 Baht ($43-71 USD) for a roll around in the bed. The ladyboys do get barfined with regularity so they are obviously making some cash. It’s easy to see why.

Cockatoo, Soi Sowboy, Bangkok, Thailand. Open 8:00P-1:00A. Click here for website which includes a map.

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