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Review of Sensations in Pattaya, Thailand

As I’ve written before Pattaya is home to tons of ladyboy based entertainment options. The go go bars are the most popular and the most visible but there a lot of quiet pubs around with a more private atmosphere. A lot of regulars and long timers prefer these places. Some newbies may too since they are a lot less aggressive and in your face than the go go bars can be.

Sensations is a quiet ladyboy bar in Pattaya located just off of Soi Bukhao on Soi Bukhao Soi 21. They moved from another open beer bar location a while back. The new bar isn’t as lively as the old place was but it’s a lot nicer.

Ladyboy Mo

Some people may be familiar with Sensations Bar even if they don’t know it. The owners are a farang and a Thai ladyboy who have appeared in the media before. If you’ve ever seen the Sky Living “Ladyboys” documentary then you will know what they look like at least.

From the outside Sensations looks like any other pub in the area with the exception that there are usually a lot of ladyboys hanging around out front. The entrance is a little elevated off of the street and the ladyboys tend to sit on the little porch there having something to eat or playing with their phones as they wait for customers.

Inside the bar is rather large considering. When customers enter they will see a bar to the right and the rest of the room filled with various seating styles and a pool table. The pool table gets a lot of play and there are usually at least some customers in the various seats. The place gets visited with regularity but it doesn’t typically pack out. There is always room for more.

The bar is fairly new and the place seems to be kept clean but there is a noticeable smell in the air at times. That can happen a lot in Thailand bars and even other types of businesses. Apparently it has something to do with poorly designed sewers. The smell that can often be found at Sensations isn’t that though. It’s more like a male locker room in a gym which I guess is fitting considering that the place is populated almost entirely by people with male genitalia. Still it can kill the fantasy and even be a bit off putting.

This brings into light what some mates of mine say are reasons that they never cross over into the darkside and go with a ladyboy: no matter how much they accept taking the leap mentally they run into physical roadblocks like seeing hands that are a bit too big or running their fingers across a set of big fake hooters only to feel a little stubble in the middle of the chest. For those unable to suspend belief or actually embrace the “third sex” for all it is these must be real obstacles.

The aforementioned smell isn’t overpowering and it isn’t always there but it does exist at times and so it is worth mentioning. What kind of reviewer would I be if I let it slide? I have always been able to stay in the bar anyway as do many other people. Perhaps we’re just a naughty bunch of boys.

There are around ten ladyboys at Sensations bars most nights. Sometimes there a little more. Sometimes there are a little less. Most of the ladyboys work with customers. The owner obviously doesn’t. There’s one genetic lady who floats around too. The rest are up for sitting with customers, talking with customers, drinking with customers and in most cases doing more with customers too.

The ladyboys on average are some of the most attractive and “passable” ladyboys in Pattaya. For whatever reason the bar attracts ladyboys who for the most part look a lot like genetically born ladies. There are a few exceptions as with any place but as they say different strokes for different folks. A few guys like the stronger and more manly looking ladyboys and there are usually at least one or two of them hanging around at Sensations too.

Drinks at Sensations are vary fairly priced at no more than most regular bars in the neighborhood charge. Ladyboy drinks are only a bit more. Most ladyboys are very laid back and non aggressive. They don’t push too hard for drinks and they don’t drink the ones they at a faster than normal speed.

The new Sensations location has a few rooms upstairs. These are officially billed as guest rooms and they can be rented out for people who want to stay one or more nights. They can also be used for less time for those looking to rest or relax for just a few hours. The rates for rooms are also reasonable at just a few hundred baht.

The barfine is normal for the area and ladies ask for the same amount of money for their time as most others in Pattaya. That means a short time session can total less than 2000 Baht ($57 USD) with the possibility for customers to spend more for ladyboys who ask for premium prices or spend an entire night.

Sensations Bar, Soi Bukhao Soi 21, Pattaya, Thailand. Open from 3:00P-2:00A. Click here for website. Map on website.

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