Review of Frank’s TGirl World

We’ve all heard about how pervasive porn is becoming in society. Some people bemoan that. Others like me love it. Sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of.

The spread of internet porn obviously includes a lot of transgender porn. Years ago it would be rare to see ladyboy porn. Today it’s totally common place.

Franks Tgirl World

I am never quite sure if the interest in ladyboys has fueled the rise of ladyboy porn, or vice versa. I think a lot of guys are intrigued after seeing ladyboys on video from the comfort of their own homes. For those living in the middle of nowhere this might be the only way they would ever find out about ladyboys, though nowadays that may be changing with the growing force of the transgender rights movement.

Frank’s TGirl World is one of the original ladyboy porn sites on the internet, but it is also one of the best. A lot of the older sites have sort of died on the vine. They just continue on with their old content for as long as they can living off of old memberships and the occasional new blood. Frank’s TGirl World isn’t like that at all. The site is constantly churning out new and interesting material.

In some respects, Frank’s TGirl World is a sort of illustrated version of this website. Sometimes it’s really specific, like in the great scene with Cambodian ladyboy Kate from Cascades Bar in Bangkok. Other times the site doesn’t talk too much about where the models are found or any of the places where ladyboys hang out or offer sexual services, but Frank still travels the world doing photographic research. Ladyboys from many different countries appear on Frank’s TGirl world, and they appear alone. There are no guys or intrusive camera men getting in the way. It’s just the T-girls themselves, getting naked and then getting themselves off. There are black, white, Asian and Latina ladyboys on the site, and the vast majority of them look damn good.

Frank’s TGirl World doesn’t skimp when it comes to the models. I don’t know what they pay, but if I had to guess I would say they are generous. Either that, or they just know where to find the fun loving ladyboys. All of the ladies on Frank’s Tgirl World look like they are having a great time with big smiles to go along with the big loads they blow on camera.

There are some more well known ladyboy models on the site like Grazi Cinturinha, Heather Hung, and Chanel Couture, but most of the models are amateurs or first timers. Still, they light up in front of the camera and look as comfortable as one could be beating off for the whole world to watch. At the time of this review, there were nearly 1,500 models on the site. Since some have done multiple shoots, there are nearly 5,000 videos to go along with almost a half million pictures. That’s enough material to fill the vaults of your spank bank forever.

Solo masturbation material could be boring, but somehow it never is at Frank’s Tgirl World. I guess that is because of the great atmosphere of the video shoots, the lovely looks of the ladyboys, and the constant stream of new material. You never know who or what you will see next on the site. That’s why I have had a membership there for years. I will continue for the foreseeable future. At only 65 cents a day, it’s more than worth it. Get in on the action too and join Frank’s TGirl World now. You’ll be glad you did.

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