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Review of King’s Castle III in Bangkok, Thailand

While most ladyboy lovers in Bangkok now spend their time on Sukhumvit, there is still a big ladyboy bar scene over in the Patpong part of town. The area has gained a sort of reputation as being ripe for rip offs, though honestly they are far and few between. Such shows involve street touts calling unsuspecting people in off the street to watch a sex or ping pong show. Once inside guests are told their drinks cost some huge amount of money.

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The touts are few and easy to avoid however, and the rest of the two Patpong sois are filled with bars of all sorts, including many ladyboy venues. The King’s group has a lot of bars in its lineup including King’s Corner and the not well enough known King’s Castle III, which is not to be confused with the video game of the same name.

King’s Castle III has been relocated a few times, but it’s still easy to find. The bar is well marked with a big sign out front. There are usually some ladies and ladyboys hanging out front too. You read that right. Two of the three sexes are represented at King’s Castle III, which is a mixed bar.

There are probably twenty five or so gals on staff every night at King’s Castle III. Some are regular women. Some are pre-op ladyboys. A few are post-op ladyboys, though they may self identify as women if asked directly.

A few things set King’s Castle III apart from other go go bars. One is the mixed gender staff. Another is that they have customers sign off on their tab after each drink is ordered. This is to prevent confusion or argument later and it is a nice touch that is also seen in the Philippines. Finally, King’s Castle has a more laid back vibe than most other bar it competes with.

The gals at King’s Castle III are really laid back and cool. They are not in your face or demanding for drinks. There is a mamasan around who has been in the game for years, but she doesn’t come around unless you ask for her. The same goes for the waitstaff which are nice women who don’t beg or pester for tips.

At any given time there will be some women dancing on the stage against the wall in bikinis. The rest of the staff will be hanging around the bar. Most are cool to talk even if you don’t buy them a drink though obviously they are trying to make money so they do appreciate lady drinks. The prices for those are entirely reasonable and cheaper than some other go go bars around.

There is a nice mix of ladies at King’s Castle III. There are Thai ladyboys from all parts of the country and even the occasional Lao or Khmer ladyboy as well. The place has a long history of hiring university students on a part time basis too. They usually come in on the weekends, and suprisingly that is not necessarily the busiest time for the bar. Most go go bars have at least one ladyboy in the nineteen to twenty one age group but King’s Castle III has a few.

Apparently business has been down at King’s Castle III in recent years, and indeed it seems to be down across the board in Patpong. This is a bit of a shock considering how vibrant the adult entertainment scene used to be in the area, but I guess the reputation has combined with other things to put a damper on the nightlife scene there. King’s Castle III continues to be a bright spot in spite of it all, and it’s difficult to imagine that many ladyboy fans would be disappointed by the place.

King’s Castle III, Thanon Patpong 1, Bangkok, Thailand. Open 8:00P-2:00A. Click here for a map.

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