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Bangkok bar ladyboys are doing live sex streams

The pandemic has now drawn on for quite a while. With all the other devastation left in its wake the mess has lead to ladyboy bars in Thailand closing up shop. Will they return at some point in the future? Or will we all have to turn to online dating and apps to meet ladyboys when things clear up in the future? I cannot tell you that. But I can tell you that at least some ladyboys from a major Bangkok bar have taken things into their own hands. Literally!

The ladyboys of Check In Bar in Bangkok are now doing sexy live streams on a pretty regular basis. The last one I saw was on August 21, 2021. It was full of all kinds of fucking fun! The next one is going live on August 21, 2021 at 11:00 PM Indochina Time. Remember that ICT time is 6 hours ahead of London, and 11 hours ahead of New York City. The live show was announced on Twitter complete with a short video of three of the hottest ladyboys in the bar showing off their stuff and beating their meats!

check in bar bangkok ladyboys

Unfortunately these aren’t the kind of live streams you can just pull up on Youtube or Twitch. They’re not even the kind you can view at the ladyboy cam section of Chaturbate. Instead you have to contact Check In Bar on Twitter and join the group. The cost is 1000 Thai Baht which isn’t very bad.

The plus is that since the live show is a closed group viewing things ought to be better than they would be in an open forum. Despite everything, Thailand is still a fairly conservative place so people do have to watch what they do to some extent. Or at least watch who is watching. For the millions essentially locked outside of the land of smiles and away from the warm embrace of lovely ladyboys this is a real opportunity. Since I’m especially keen for ladyboy on ladyboy (or ladyboy lesbians) this is really right up my alley. It’s not always easy to find in real life. But it’s quite common on the live shows!

The ladyboy live shows follow up on some other adjustments people have made to the situation. First I saw that some Thai go go bars were doing live streams. Then I saw a lot of dancers doing porno or setting up their own OnlyFans. Before long, I found the ladyboys of Check In Bar on Only Fans. Then I saw some other ladyboys I know or know of from Bangkok and Pattaya on the different sexy sites. You can find all kinds of fun stuff on the internet these days even if you are stuck at home. Still, live shows are definitely the best!

I know I will be there to watch this and any other show like it I can get dialed in to. Why wouldn’t I? I love hot ladyboys and I love to watch them have fun with each other too. It can get really wild and have you reaching for the lube and tissues in no time. I speak from experience. The only thing better is being in a bar filled with real live ladyboys in the flesh. But until I can get back to Bangkok and the babes of Check In Bar this is going to have to do for me. What about you guys? How are you holding yourselves over?

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