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If you want to see live ladyboy sex in real time then you really only have three choices. The first is simply to have sex with a ladyboy and see it in person. The second is to go to one of the ladyboy live sex shows held in shady show bars. The third is to check out some ladyboy webcams from behind your computer screen. Obviously, the third choice is by far the safest. It is also the easiest.

Live cams are nothing new. As soon as the internet got into people’s houses they were using it to look at porn. First we were limited to static porn pics. Even those took ages to load. Though we were soon looking at moving images. Animated GIFs made way for videos. You had video clips, then video sharing, then finally we entered the wonderful world of live streaming video.

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From the beginning there were people broadcasting themselves over the internet in the nude. It started with high tech amateurs then quickly was taken up by well funded producers who created the first adult cam sites. The sites mainly focused around hetero cis-gender straight women. You could occasionally find a cross dresser or tranny. Genuine ladyboy chicks with dicks were more difficult to locate.

Eventually word got out to the third sex and ladyboys started showing up on the live sex sites in droves. Of course with all the prejudice against transgenders that still existed, all of the T-girls were isolated off in their own sections. These days people have started to understand more about variations in genders. So now you can find women with hard penises right alongside their twat-having sisters.

Of course if you’re grossed out by the grisly sight of slit, you can simply go directly to a ladyboy live sex chat site. That way you can get right down to the beautiful women who are blessed with dick and balls. Unless of course you come across a Japanese new-half who has kept her twig but plucked her berries.

The best ladyboy live sex sites focus purely on pretty ladies with a little something extra between the legs. There is no question here. It’s all strictly dickly from these chickies! When you pop open a site like Myladyboylivecams there is no question what you are going to see. If you’re into lovely ladyboys then it’s going to be what you are looking for.

All the top tranny live sex websites share similar features. They are fast loading, easy to navigate, clear, and most importantly, full of ladyboys! Asian ladyboys are clearly at the top of the food chain too. Their natural characteristics make them more feminine, which is exactly what you want to see. If we were into hairy faces and masculine muscles, we would just go gay and try our luck with actual dudes! That’s not what we want though. We’re into beautiful womanly babes who just happen to have a particular piece of meat swinging between their thighs. Doesn’t that just make your mouth water?

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