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Review of Casanova go go bar in Bangkok, Thailand

That a review of Casanova has not appeared on this website until now is not an oversight. The idea was to cover some of the lesser known bars before moving on the most famous venues. Casanova is one of the original ladyboy bars in the Nana Entertainment Plaza.

Casanova ladyboy

Located next to the stairs on the second floor of the complex, Casanova has become known as a place that is hard to pass by. That is not necessarily due to the attractiveness of the ladyboys who work there however. Although there are some real beauties at Casanova, they tend to hang around in front of the bar. Some of the stronger and more amazonian ladyboys have been known to cling on to guys who walk by and sometimes even drag them into the bar.

Any guy with their wits and a bit of backbone can firmly yet politely move beyond this challenge, but apparently a lot of newbies and less weathered gentlemen are “coaxed” into checking out the bar. That is a shame, as the bar is not a bad place whatsoever. A good business model would be to encourage guys into the bar by means of beauty and reputation. When the staff tries to force people inside it gives off a bad vibe.

Conversely, the vibe inside of Casanova couldn’t be better! It’s a cozy go go bar with a small stage and a lot of lovely ladyboys. They can beg a bit for drinks but otherwise they aren’t too aggressive. Most are just hard workers who want to earn some money while they stand around in some of the skimpiest bikinis to be found in all of Nana Plaza.

There used to be so many ladyboys at Casanova that they couldn’t all fit into the bar. That may be where the tradition of them hanging out front came from. A while back there was a mass cut back that slashed the number of ladyboys at Casanovas, but there are still quite a few working every day of the week. The bar tends to attract some of the hottest ladyboys too. It’s no exaggeration to say that some are simply super hot chicks who happen to have dicks. Otherwise they are not only passable but gorgeous!

Despite the name, the bar is not dominated by amazonians. Ladylike ladyboys with their twig and berries still intact are much more common. Femboys, masculine ladyboys and post-ops are in the clear minority at Casanova.

The bar is filled with comfortable couch like seats, but a lot of the ladyboys don’t even bother with hanging around in them. It’s a money making operation for most, so a lot of the ladyboys come right out and inquire about short time early on. They want to get customers out of the bar and into the short time hotel upstairs.

Casanova charges a 600 Baht ($18 USD) bar fine for customers to take ladyboys out of the bar. The ladyboys at Casanova usually ask 2000 Baht ($59 USD) for a short session, which is more than the ladyboys in some other nearby bars ask for on average. That said, many ladyboys at Casanova go out with guys for 1000 Baht with regularity.

Casanova, Nana Entertainment Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand. Open 8:00P-2:00A. Click here for a map.

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