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Review of DC10 in Bangkok, Thailand

While the third sex has always been accepted as a part of life in Thailand, there was a time when ladyboys were sort of pushed into the shadows when it came to the adult entertainment industry. A lot of guys were loud and proud about their homophobia and expressed a constant paranoia that they would “accidentally” go with a ladyboy.

DC 10 ladyboy bangkok

Nowadays things are changing. There are even mixed gender go go bars with ladyboys and cis girls dancing side by side and places like Straps that staffs only post op ladyboys who don’t admit to being ladyboys at all.

Nana Plaza started out with just one ladyboy bar. Some people were miffed even about that. Now there are several ladyboy bars in Nana Plaza and the number continues to grow by the year.

The DC-10 go go bars has been in Nana Plaza for years. The bar used to hire only “real women.” Two years ago it made a change and now employs a full staff of ladyboys.

Located next to the famed Casanova ladyboy go go bar, DC-10 is a small bar with a single stage running down the middle and stadium seating along the side.

Despite the small size of the bar there are a lot of ladyboys inside. They can usually be seen hanging out in front of the bar when there are no customers inside. When customers arrive they all rush inside and pose on the stage in hopes of scoring a lady drink for themselves.

The twelve or more ladyboys who work at DC-10 every night can be a bit on the aggressive side when new customers arrive. When a customer settles in and either picks a ladyboy to sit next to him or asserts his wish to wait and take a look at who is available, the ladyboys usually calm down.

That’s not to say that the ladyboys in DC-10 aren’t adventurous. Their bikinis are often pushed aside to gives customers a glimpse of their goods, sometimes even when not requested. Nothing too wild goes on inside however, most probably due to the long and open layout of the bar. Anytime someone pushes the curtains at the door open the entire inside of the bar is exposed to anyone standing in front of it.

The ladyboys at DC-10 are a mixed bag. A few are on the more masculine side and one or two are all natural. The majority of the ladyboys have big fake boobs and other work done which makes them look very developed and feminine. Many are post op though some still have their packages intact. A few have the kawaii Japanese ladyboy look that is now so popular as demonstrated by the many members who have joined Hello Ladyboy to jack off to their pictures and videos!

Although there have been rumors of a sky high bar fine at DC-10 the reality is that the bar charges 700 Baht, which is not far from what other bars in the Nana complex charge. The ladyboys themselves usually settle for 1000 Baht to go to one of the short time hotels in Nana Plaza with a customer.

DC-10, Nana Entertainment Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand. Open 8:00P-2:00A. Click here for a map.

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