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Review of Nidcha House Bar in Pattaya, Thailand

Nidcha House Bar is one of several ladyboy bars located along or near Soi Bukhao in Pattaya. Nidcha is owned by the same guy behind the previously reviewed Titti Twisters and it operates in much the same way too. In fact the ladyboys at both bars actually share use of the short time rooms situated above Nidcha.

Review of Nidcha House Bar

Nidcha House Bar is actually located right on Soi Bukhao near the intersection with LK Metro. It is easy to spot from the street with its big bright sign and open front. If that wasn’t enough to draw customers in — or scare away the more timid types — there is usually a team of ladyboys sitting outside in very revealing clothing.

Like Titti Twisters, Nidcha House Bar has an open design. That means there is basically no front wall to the place, so anyone standing on the street or even driving down it can look all the way into the bar to see what’s going on. Usually nothing more than some drinking or talking is going though, perhaps in part because of the bar’s open atmosphere.

One of the reasons that there are so many different ladyboy bars in Pattaya is that there is room for all sorts of approaches. Some guys like the wild and raunchy in your face action that they can find at a bar like Baby Boom while others want a more reserved atmosphere. Nidcha House Bar would be more fitting for the latter group.

The ladyboys who work at Nidcha simply aren’t very pushy at all. While they do sit in front of the bar trying to lure customers inside, they do not resort to the sort of aggressive hand grabbing and arm pulling I’ve seen elsewhere. They don’t get too pushy or grabby inside the bar either. Of course there are short time rooms available above the bar as I mentioned. After all pay for play is the name of the game and the fuel behind this place and places like it. Still, no one is going to be pulled kicking and screaming into those rooms.

Any customer who does want to take one or more of the ladies on staff up to those rooms usually just has to ask. The rate for the use of the room is quite reasonable as is standard at bars under this owner. Drink prices are absolutely reasonable too and cheaper than what some of the other places around town ask.

There is a mix of ladyboys on staff at Nidcha and obviously things can change from one day to the next. So while it doesn’t make sense to try to do an individual run down from one ladyboy to the next I can say that on an average night you’ll see around a half dozen ladyboys either in front of the place or inside with customers. Most of them will be in their twenties, tall and generally fit. Some will be quite masculine looking while one or two will look a lot more like real women. Most all will have surgically enhanced breasts.

Nidcha House Bar, Soi Bukhao, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map.

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