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Review of King’s Corner go go bar in Bangkok, Thailand

There are a lot of ladyboy go go bars in Bangkok and the number seems to be growing every day. The percentage of ladyboy bars seems to be growing too because the number of “regular lady” go go bars in the city hasn’t changed for a while even as the number of ladyboy agogos has grown.

There is only one ladyboy go go bar in the Soi Cowboy area. In Nana there are now several but the infamous Patpong district is still home to the most including the King’s and Queen’s bars which were some of the first to display chicks with dicks.

Ladyboy Wow

King’s Corner is one of the those bars though it is actually mixed. Along with the ladyboys there are a set of regular ladies working too. Located on a small street that connects Patpong 1 and Patpong 2 the bar is easy to spot. There are usually some ladyboys hanging out front but even when there aren’t the door stays open for people passing by to get a glimpse of what’s going on.

King’s Corner is a large go go bar. It shows signs of wear like all other bars in the vicinity but it’s clen enough and at least has no bad smells which is more than can be said for some competitors. When customers enter they see a big stage to the left where ladies and ladyboys dance in black bikinis and a bunch of seats on the right. Customers can hang out in these seats for a while without much pressure though upon entering they are almost always asked for a drink in one way or another. The most common is for all the women dancing to put on a show and ask through body language to sit with a customer. Customers who ignore or politely reject this are no bothered further. Those who accept it are joined by a lady or ladyboy of their choosing.

Unlike go go bars that only have genetic women a lady drink at King’s Corner usually gets a customer quite a bit of time with a lady or ladyboy. In the genetic girl bars the women may take a few sips then claim they have to go back on stage. In King’s Corner the lasses can hang out with customers for as long as they’d like. If they think they will get more lady drinks or a barfine or if they are just having fun they may hang out for a long time.

There’s a lot of talk about Patpong being a rip off area but that’s mainly about the so-called sex shows that tourists are scammed into visiting by street pushers. Those are not all so common anymore and they definitely aren’t the heart and soul of the area. Drinks at King’s Corner are priced fairly for the area and lady drinks are too. A few hundred Baht is enough to spend some time sitting with a ladyboy at King’s Corner.

The same goes for the ladies though they are not all that attractive as a general rule and this website is not about them but rather the “ladies” with a little extra.

And what about the ladyboys? There are many at King’s Corner. Even on slow nights there are around sixteen of them in the bar with a few on stage at all times. The others float around the room or hang out outside looking for more customers. The lines change through the night with one set of dancers switching off for another.

Most of the ladyboys are pre-op with their tackle intact and in most cases functioning. A few have gone under the knife to have their kit removed. Many more have gone under the knife to have other things like breasts implants or silicone noses installed. Butt implants even appear. A few chicks are all natural and one or two are more like femboys than ladyboys. The most common is the mid range ladyboy who is passable under the veil of night with big fake tits.

The ladyboy’s at King’s Corner are experts at cosmetics. They may be the best make up artists of the entire Bangkok nightlife scene. The ladies tend toward the Japanese type of look which only makes sense since a big part of the ladyboy audience in Bangkok hails from the land of the rising sun.

Still the ladyboys at King’s Corner are totally open to foreign customers who are not Japanese and most of them can speak English better than any taxi driver in town who may mistake a word like “airport” for “haircut.” Other languages are represented too with some ladies able to speak Chinese, Korean or German. At least one very tall lass can speak Khmer due to her national origins.

King’s Corner never seems to get all too busy. There a lot of people in Patpong but most of the bars stay pretty quiet. I guess people like to walk around more than they like to stop in. Either that or customers quickly make a choice and barfine a lady or ladyboy once they enter a bar.

At King’s Corner the barfine is 600 Baht ($17 USD) which is about normal for Patpong. The staff expect additional money for themselves after leaving too. The average payment is 2000 Baht ($57 USD) which is also pretty normal for the area. Of course some customers will negotiate the price and get something lower. Others will simply move on.

Some of the more adventurous customers take advantage of the mixed staff and take both genetic ladies and ladyboys together. One can only guess what sorts of things they get up to behind closed doors though surely a lot of fantasies are lived out. Such things would otherwise be difficult to arrange since most bars are segregated and a lot of ladies and ladyboys who do not know each other would not want to work together in an intimate setting.

There are some short time rooms in the Patpong area and customers do use them. Other rely on rooms in the bars. Some bars have them. Others do not. Customers taking ladies from King’s Corner have no shortage of options.

King’s Corner. Patpong, Silom, Bangkok, Thailand. Open 7:00P-1:00A. Click here for a map. Click here for the King’s Corner Facebook page.

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