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Review of Titti Twisters in Pattaya, Thailand

As previously mentioned there are a ton of ladyboy bars in Pattaya, Thailand. It would take ages to get through them all. I’m going to try anyway. What else do I have to do?

I recently reviewed Fantasy Bar on Soi Bukhao. As I mentioned at the time it is located right next to another ladyboy bar called Titti Twisters.

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Titti Twisters is a small bar with a large staff of ladyboys. The ladyboys on staff spend most of each evening standing in front of the bar trying to attract passing guys into the place. The ladies standing in front of the bar right next to the ladies standing in front of Fantasy create a kind of ladyboy wall that can either be intimidating or alluring depending on your outlook. In reality the ladyboys at both bars are pretty laid back and easy going even if they do have to hustle to make a living.

Unlike Fantasy which has a sort of subdued low red lighting, Titti Twister relies on a more natural illumination that gives a better idea of what the ladyboys working there actually look like. This only makes sense since they are for the most part good looking ladyboys in their early twenties with fit bodies and fake round tits. While there may be one or two who tend toward the boyish around at any given time for the most part these are more ladylike and passable gals. High heels, make up and sexy tight dresses are the norm.

They usually have one or two super hot ladyboys working at Titti Twisters. The last time I was there they had one incredibly specimen on staff who wore skin tight dresses every night to show off what her assets. I saw her go out of the bar with customers every night of the week which proves that the eye of the beholder is sometimes the same as the eye of everyone else.

Titty Twisters is owned by a guy named James who does his best to make everyone feel comfortable and at home when he is around. The place is pretty low pressure and there are things like a pool table and seats that give a clear view of the passersby on the road that can make it a relaxing place to hang out for those looking for that.

The more natural lighting and open front at Titty Twister make the place slightly less private than Fantasy next door. It’s not like anyone is really straining to look inside either place from the street but if they were it would be easier for them to see what is going on in Titty Twister than it’s neighbor. In any event everyone who really wants to can see who goes in and out of the bars since they are both located on a well lit major road. Luckily for guys who are shy or private no one really cares about who spends time with who in Pattaya as long as it all consensual and above board. The plethora of ladyboy bars mixed in with the regular genetic girl bars all along Soi Bukhao proves that.

Everything is normally priced at Titti Twisters. Drinks for customers, lady drinks and barfines cost the same as they do next door and at most other similar places around town. For all the rumors and stories of guys getting ripped off at bars in Thailand I find that most of the places are straightforward and honest. That doesn’t mean that people should let their guard down but I don’t view the place as a kind of warzone where foreigners are a moving target as some commentators appear to do. In actual fact I have never been as much as shorted change in Pattaya in countless visits though the taxi and motorbike taxi guys do love to try it on with farang.

Despite having a good location and some really hot ladyboys on staff, Titti Twisters is quiet most of the time. You can tell since the ladyboys stand out front when there are no customers inside. That seems to happen more often than not. I think one of the reasons is that some guys are shy or embarrassed about being seen inside. You can see some of these guys show up to pound a quick drink and speed out with a ladyboy to pound soon after. Another reason may be all of the competition in the area but I think there are enough guys to go around. If there weren’t some of the bars would eventually have to go out of business. On the contrary there seem to be more ladyboy bars opening all the time!

Titti Twisters, Soi Bukhao, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map.

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