Review of Chili Ladyboy Bar in Bangkok, Thailand

This review of Chili Ladyboy Bar in Bangkok is long overdue. Chili is not one of the better know ladyboy bars in Bangkok, but that is of no real fault of the bar itself. The place is run rather well and has a very large staff of ladyboys.

The ladyboys at Chili are friendly. There is a wide range of looks at the bar, and dancers who range from university to middle age. Simply put, Chili is the kind of bar that most ladyboy lovers would enjoy even though it is far from perfect.

Location of Chili Ladyboy Bar

Chili Ladyboy Bar is located inside of the very famous Nana Entertainment Plaza. Nana Plaza itself is located on Sukhumvit Soi 4 in the heart of lower Sukhumvit. This area is popular with foreigners and locals alike. It is packed with restaurants, shopping, entertainment and more.

Nana Plaza is very easy to find. The place is so big and well known that most people even refer to the street it located on as “Soi Nana.” The closest stop on the BTS sky train is called Nana. The BTS even plays a recorded announcement that repeats the word “Nana” when the train approaches the stop.

Once inside of Nana Plaza however, Chili is not so easy to find. It may have the most hidden location of any bar in the entire plaza. That is because it is tucked away in a back corner behind other bars. It cannot really be seen from any other part of Nana Plaza.

To access Chili Ladyboy Bar, one has to take the first staircase on the left that. At the top of that staircase one finds the post-op Straps bar to the left and the corner entrance of Chili off to the right. There are usually some ladyboys out front, but the bar is smart enough to station the stunners on the ground floor. There they hold signs reading “Chili” and escort customers up the stairs to the semi-hidden bar entrance.

Chili Bar Layout

Chili Bar is a moderate to large go go bar. It has plenty of seating all around the walls and a big stage in the middle. All of the seats give a decent view, but the best sights can be seen from the left side.

The stage is large enough to hold at least a dozen ladyboys at a time. There are usually that many on stage plus many more scattered around the bar. That is one top of the ladyboys milling around outside, and the beauties down at the bottom of the stairs.

The only downside to the layout at Chili Ladyboy Bar is the bathroom. It is small and simply not well kept. In addition, there is only one restroom in the place. So any women who go to Chili Bar have to deal with that toilet and its seat that looks to have been splattered more than a woman in a bukkake video.

Ladyboys at Chili

There are a lot of ladyboys at Chili. There could easily be thirty ladyboys at Chili on any given night. Probably there are even more than that around. Getting an exact count would be difficult as they come and go through the bar so often.

There is also a lot variety at Chili. All sorts of looks are represented. That means there are muscular amazons and petite ladylike ladyboys that look almost exactly like real women. There are tall and short ladyboys. They range in age too. The youngest are twenty years old. The oldest are in their thirties, and honestly it shows.

Chili Ladyboy Bar Bangkok

All of the ladyboys at Chili are pre-op. That means that they all have their penises and balls. You might not be able to tell that at first glance. Some of them do a very good job of concealing their twig and berries somewhere. This “tuck” is one of the magical tricks of the trade for working ladyboys in go go bikini bars.

As you would expect, most of the ladyboys in the bar are up for sex with customers. All of them probably are in fact, but some may occasionally reject specific requests. For the most part though, the dancers at Chili are basically prostitutes looking for customers.

Prices and services

The dancers want lady drinks as compensation for sitting with a customer. That’s normal at any Thai go go bar. The price for a lady drink is 160 Baht ($5 USD). Most of the ladyboys take their time and don’t rush the drinks. Customers can be bombarded with drink requests when they first enter though. That usually ends once they buy a drink for at least one ladyboy.

Pretty much all of the ladyboys at Chili can bottom. For the uninitiated that means they take it in the ass. Some have functioning penises that can get erect and cum, but others don’t. Among those who can get hard, quite a few top. That means they can penetrate anally if you aren’t aware. There are also a few versatile ladyboys at Chili who can top, bottom, or do both. Some will even work with couples, which seems to be a popular option in Bangkok despite the dearth of providers.

The bar fine at Chili Ladyboy Bar seems to be fluid. At the time of this review, the bar fine is 750 Baht ($23 USD). That is slightly more than most other bars in Nana Plaza charge. The ladyboys warn that the price can change however. At least one boasts that it will increase “to 800 or maybe 900 soon.”

Some of the ladyboys at Chili seem to have a very high opinion of themselves. There is also a mamasan who tries to wrench money out of customers when possible. Because of these things, the prices asked for actual sexual services can sometimes be on the high side.

There are several ladyboys at Chili who will go with a customer to a room for a short time for 1000 Baht ($30 USD). But there are others who want as much as 3000 Baht or more, even if they provide the exact same set of services. This is the way it is at Chili Ladyboy Boy, though most providers are open to negotiations.


Chili Ladyboy Bar is a big and active go go bar in Nana Plaza. It is perhaps a bit hampered by its obscure location, but they get around that. The gorgeous ladylike ladyboys on the ground floor are an excellent form of advertising. They help ensure that the bar always has customers.

The owners of Chili Ladyboy Bar also own the popular Erotica go go bar with real women. They obviously know how to run a bar whether staffed with ladies or ladyboys. It seems there success will continue in the future as long as their bars stay on track.

Chili Ladyboy Bar, Nana Entertainment Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 4 (Soi Nana), Bangkok, Thailand. Open every day from 8:00 PM – 2:30 AM.

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