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Review of Katoeys Are Us in Pattaya, Thailand

Over the years I have reviewed a majority of the major ladyboy bars in Thailand, but thus far I have not covered Katoeys Are Us. That is a real shame and a serious error on my part considering that Katoeys Are Us is a one of a kind bar that is one of the most well run operations of its type to be found anywhere.

Katoeys Are Us Pattaya

Katoeys Are Us is a major go go bar located just off of Walking Street in Pattaya. Walking Street is of course the most famous part of Pattaya, in spite of the hopes of tourism officials and prudes to turn the place into a family tourism destination. Walking Street is famous not because it’s next to a beach, but because it is filled with go go bars where women in various states of undress dance on stage in hope of luring in a paying customer.

Now with Katoeys Are Us in full operation, it is not just women who dance on stages along Walking Street. Thai chicks with dicks are doing it too. Katoeys Are Us isn’t located right on Walking Street, but it’s so close that it might as well be. Katoeys Are Us is located on Soi Diamond, which is just up the block from Walking Street and only a few steps from the well known Windmill go go bar.

Katoeys Are Us opened a while ago. It wasn’t the first or only ladyboy go go bar in Thailand then and it isn’t now. Places like Baby Boom have been around. But Katoeys Are Us still made waves. What’s so special about Katoeys Are Us?

Katoeys Are Us is just off of Walking Street. Katoeys Are Us is a very large bar. I mean, it’s absolutely huge by go go bar standards. When you walk in there’s a big stage in the middle of the floor then seats all around the walls of the room. On top of that there are tables and a bar toward the back.

The stage is lined with poles and the poles are worked by a lot of ladyboys. I mean a lot, seriously. It wouldn’t be anything to see maybe twenty ladyboys on stage at a given time. Most of them are really hot too. Probably half actually look like girls. They also have a few Amazons too and one or two with massively overinflated boobs, but there are plenty of ladylike ladyboys including even some who grew their own boobs. A lot of the dancers are early twenties, only a few are older.

It’s “mixed nuts” in a real way, with something sure to satisfy everyone. I’ve actually heard that some guys who weren’t even into ladyboys ended up playing with kathoeys from once they wandered inside and saw the dancers on stage.

All of the ladyboys at Katoeys Are Us are pre-op. That means they have their block and tackle intact. Apparently, the people who own the place don’t hire post-op ladyboys. It’s no Straps.

The dancers wear bikinis. A lot of them drop their tops too. Some sit around with their tops off the whole time they are in the bar, probably proud of their big boobs and wanting to show them off to everyone. Apparently this isn’t a probably in Thailand, since it’s not illegal for “guys” to go topless!

Yet Katoeys Are Us is a more or less quite place. It doesn’t ever seem to get packed out with customers. The one or two ladyboys posted out front aren’t aggressive about pulling in customers. Inside, the ladyboys aren’t aggressive at all! They’re up for fun and all, they just don’t get totally in your face as is the case at most ladyboy bars. There’s no pressure or begging for drinks. It’s really laid back!

It’s not so laid back that it’s dead though. The ladyboys inside are lively and fun. Most of them can speak English fairly well too. I don’t know what it is, but ladyboys working in Thai bars seem to be able to speak English a lot better than the ladies working in Thai bars. Something for a sociologist with too much grant money on his hands to study I guess.

The bar fine at Katoeys Are Us is 600 Baht. There are rooms upstairs along with numerous short time hotels nearby. Some guys also take ladyboys out of the bar and to their own rooms. Most of the ladyboys seem eager to make extra money by leaving the bar which only makes sense.

Katoeys Are Us, Soi Diamond, Pattaya, Thailand. Open every day from 8:30 PM until early in the morning. Website (with map):

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