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We’ve come a long way. Not that long ago most people outside of Asia had little to know idea what a ladyboy even was. If they did they were usually wrong. Now we have a massive transgender acceptance movement, world famous transexual celebrities and lots of open ladyboy lovers. With that comes more fun like additional ladyboy dating options, an easier life for ladyboys and even more ladyboy bars and agogos. All the naughty stuff like ladyboy porn is there and growing too!

For those of us who love ladyboys there could never be too many members of the third sex around. Nor could there be too many ladyboy websites. Especially if we’re talking about shemale webcams. And that is what we are talking about today.

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Ladyboy lovers were always left to the dark corners to try to find a way to get our taste. While other niche markets went crazy we were stucking talking to each other and trying to fend through the adult entertainment wilderness. So while the cougar lovers had plenty of places to chat with milfs, we were basically limited to an internet forum or two and shady bootleg DVD sellers on Sukhumvit in Bangkok. Well we always had the bars and dating to dig into it, but that was a lot harder back in the days too.

Now we are the ones who are much harder. And our hard-ons are being taken care of thanks to the plentiful options that exist. Even in these days when most of the people in the world are unable to do any kind of traveling, we can still get on our phones, computers or even smart televisions and pull up a vast array of butt naked ladyboy performers willing to work us over virtually through the screen.

It’s really no big deal either. Porno cams are now a mainstream thing. We are living in a golden age of online adult entertainment that helps we viewers as much as the performers. Where would ladyboy sex workers make money in these tough times if they couldn’t beat their bananas off for a few thousand baht on the internet? Surely fucking a watermelon on the internet has to be better than harvesting rice or hawking fried rice in the mid-day heat.

No need to stereotype though. There are plenty of transgender people in all levels of the work force, especially in countries like Thailand. But we are not talking about them here. We are talking about ladies with names like Lisa and Ice who were dancing in string bikinis before the world went into safe mode. Showing their dongs off on camera might even be better for them than working strange ding dongs who pay barfines. Finding out might require extensive interviews and studies. We volunteer to do such work once mobility comes back to normal.

In the meantime, we can at least be satisfied in the knowledge that we can live chat with ladyboy stars and regularly chicks with dicks whenever we please. This is all thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Who could have ever dreamed that we could roll out of bed and be watching a women with a woman masturbate on our pocket computers for just a couple of cents? Times might not be as bad as some say!

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