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Eventually, I plan to review all of the ladyboy porn websites on the internet, but I have to start somewhere. Ladyboy’s Heaven is one of the best in a increasingly crowded category.

If I’m not mistaken Ladyboy’s Heaven went through some changes. The group of sites that it is in definitely did. Some changed names and might have even changed ownership. I’m not exactly sure, but it doesn’t really matter in any event.

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The only thing that matters to me in this regard is that I have access to a constant supply of high quality ladyboy porn to beat off too when I can’t get to cities like Bangkok and have fun in the flesh. Ladyboy’s Heaven supplies that as it always has.

It is clear that Ladyboy’s Heaven is a labor of love. The same farang actor appears in most of the scenes. The scenes themselves are expertly shot, with the proper cuts and editing. Just enough is done to keep the action in full view and keep the videos exciting. There is no excessive camera movement or dizzying zooms. It plays like its done by professionals.

The lucky farang guys in the Ladyboy Heaven scenes suck and fucks one ladyboy after another. The action is mainly bareback. There is a lot of docking and frottage along with the standard blowjobs and butt fucks. Cum shots are done well with a real eye for detail. You don’t miss any of the sticky stuff in these scenes. Interestingly enough, on of the farang actors also shows up on some other related sites banging regular Thai chicks, so he either has a wide range of tastes or his cock is paying his way through life.

Nearly all of the footage on Ladyboy’s Heaven seems to be shot in Thailand. I would guess that most of it comes from Bangkok and Pattaya, especially since I recognize at least a few of the ladyboy actresses from various local ladyboy bars and similar establishments.

There isn’t much recycled content though. For the most part, Ladyboy’s Heaven is filled with scenes of new and hot ladyboys who range in age from 18 to maybe 27. Most appear to be in their early twenties with fit bodies and rocking cocks. The cool thing is that the director of the videos often asks the ladyboys a bit about themselves before they get fucked. So you can at least hear a little about these chicks with dicks in their own words before they get banged. I think it’s nice to find out how old they are, where they are from and what kind of work they do. I notice that a lot of hot ladyboys are from around Roi Et, which gibes perfectly with what I’ve found in the go go bars too!

Ladyboys heaven is updated weekly, so new content is constantly being added to the thousands of pictures and hundreds of videos already on the site. A one month membership is just $29.95 USD. The owners give a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee too, so there’s really no harm in signing up to look around. If you don’t like it you can just cancel, but if you like ladyboys like I do, I don’t see how you could not find Ladyboy’s Heaven to your liking.

Update 22 December 2020: Sadly, it seems that Ladyboys Heaven has disappeared from the internet. I recommend checking out Hello Ladyboy for your current ladyboy porn needs.

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