The five best countries for ladyboys

Which are the best countries for ladyboys? Although there are nearly 200 recognized countries in the world, I actually don’t think this is a very difficult question to answer. I was able to come up with my list of the five best ladyboy countries in a matter of minutes. Now I will flesh it out for you here.

I have already made a list of the countries with the best looking ladyboys in the past. But now we are talking about something different. This is a list of the best countries for ladyboys overall. I take the whole picture into account, including the number of ladyboys, the ease of dating or have sex with them, the availability of ladyboy sex workers and then also the looks of the ladyboys. So there will be some overlap, but the actual subject is different.

You will probably be able to guess what the best country for ladyboys is with just a little thought. But some of the other listings may surprise you, depending on how experienced and widely traveled you are. So without further chatter, let’s get right into it.

5. Cambodia

Cambodia is Thailand’s neighbor to the east. You might know that. But you might not know that Thai culture is heavily influenced by Cambodia and especially the old Angkor Empire. The Thai word “kathoey” actually comes from the Khmer language in Cambodia. So you can understand that ladyboys go way back in Cambodia.

For a while it was tough to find ladyboys in Cambodia. There would just be a few here and there. Even now most of the Khmer ladyboys end up working in Thailand. There are Khmer kathoeys in most major ladyboy bars in Thailand. But there are also an increasing number of ladyboys who just stay home and then live and work right in Cambodia.

These days it is nothing to see ladyboys in every major city in the country. Okay, “major city” might be an overstatement. Phnom Penh is the only real city of any size in the country. Some bars on Street 130 there in the capital are actually crawling with ladyboys. But you can also find ladyboys in the smaller provincial capitals like Siem Reap now with just a little bit of effort. That’s more than can be said for Iowa or Latvia. So Cambodia is one of the best countries for ladyboys.

4. Indonesia

3. Japan

2. Philippines

1. Thailand

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