Review of Obsessions go go bar in Bangkok, Thailand

In a recent review of Cascades ladyboy go go bar, I mentioned how the ladyboy scene has grown in the Bangkok in recent years. The world famous Nana Entertainment Plaza is now home to several ladyboy bars. Some are really raunchy and hardcore, but others and more laid back and chill. Obsessions is one of the latter.

ladyboy from obsessions go go bar in Bangkok Thailand

Obsessions is found in the back corner of Nana Plaza on the ground floor. It can be hard to miss in all of the excitement and neon lights but just a little looking reveals the front entrance which is marked by a clear sign. There are usually some hot ladyboys hanging around out front too. Obsessions is one of the most famous ladyboy bars in all of Thailand and for good reason. The places staffs a lot of ladyboys and they are all ready for action. Most are pre-op and have their junk intact. Some are tops and some are bottoms, but most are versatile since that allows them to make more money.

Obsessions isn’t perfect. Although it has at least two dozen and usually many more ladyboys in bikinis on hand they aren’t all super hot. Some are even scary in my opinion. Most are good looking though at least. No matter their looks, none really dance all that much. They pretty much just hang around waiting for customers. When one arrives a group of ladyboys will immediately surround him hoping that he’ll select a ladyboy to sit with him. Of course this requires the purchase of a drink for the customer and another for the lady. Lady drinks are a little expensive but that is not really out of the ordinary for the area. They are still a lot cheaper than drinks in bars in cities like New York. That’s just how it goes.

I am sort of a veteran. I don’t let people pressure me into buying a lady drink unless I want to. I just get a drink for myself and tell them I want to hang out for a while. That’s never been a problem for me at Obsessions or anywhere else, but there are some reports of people being told they have to leave if they don’t want to buy a drink for a lady. I don’t know how true that is, but I can believe that it sometimes happens.

I have never seen anything like that at Obsessions though. As I wrote earlier, I think it is quite laid back. In my experience the ladyboys aren’t that pushy at all. Most are pleasant and fun. When money is spent they cheer up even more but they aren’t all that bad when the money is kept in the wallet either.

The barfine at Obsessions is 700 Baht ($20 USD). All of the ladyboys working at the bar are usually pretty eager to go out with any customer that asks them, though they won’t all stay overnight with every guy. On top of the barfine which is paid to the management, the ladyboys themselves usually expect at least 2000 Baht ($56 USD) for a short time session or 3000 Baht ($84 USD) or more for an overnight session. Lately a lot of the hottest ladyboys ask for much more, especially if they are dealing with guys they haven’t met before. You can blame it on the big spenders.

Obsessions, Nana Entertainment Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand. Open 8:00P-2:00A. Click here for a map. Click here for the bar’s Facebook page.

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