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Where are the ladyboys in Chiang Mai, Thailand?

Situated in the north of Thailand, the city of Chiang Mai draws a lot of tourists and expats from around the world. Although the place is heavily populated by locals and people of all lands, it doesn’t have much of a reputation for naughty fun. On the one hand this is understandable. It draws a lot of hippie backpacker types and the locals mostly keep to the grindstone. But there are actually a lot of adult venues in the city even if people don’t know about them. There are also things like love hotels around for people who want to sneak away and have some fun. They have private entrances because a decent amount of their customers are cheating on their significant others or meeting with people they don’t want others to know about.

Ladyboys in Chiang Mai

Most of the adult entertainment in the city is oriented to locals. On top of that there is the Loi Kroh strip which has a lot of bars and massage parlors. These bars and massage parlors pretty strictly hire regular ladies but there are a few places with ladyboys. I have already reviewed the two ladyboy bars on the street. They are Friend’s Corner and Marina Bar. These places have ladyboys working and most of them are up for going with customers

Late at night there are always ladyboy streetwalkers hanging around Loi Kroh too. They start to come out at about midnight near the Seven Eleven. As time goes on, more and more appear. After all the other bars close there is usually a group of ladyboy streetwalkers hanging around near the little police station. Normally they want 500 to 1000 Baht ($14 to $28 USD) to go anywhere with a guy. They are generally cheerful with good attitudes, but some people warn about them. There are reports of customers running into problems like theft and at least one guy reports that a few of them are HIV positive. I have no way to know if any of that is true. In any event, I am just reporting on the scene for the entertainment of readers and don’t recommend anything. I can say that a few of them are quite manly looking and some are really rough in appearance. One or two look ladylike and nice however.

Ladyboy streetwalkers usually appear even earlier around the moat of the old city. Most commonly they hang out on the east side of Kotchasarn Road. They sit on motorbikes in the side alleys waiting for guys to pass buy in cars or on motorbikes. Most of their customers are locals. They will also talk to foreigners and people who approach on foot. There are usually one to three there every night starting at about 7:00 PM and finishing around midnight. Some of them are quite good looking and would fit in any top Pattaya bar. You have to wonder why they work the streets. There are rumors, but I take those with a grain of salt. They ask for the same kind of money as other ladyboy streetwalkers in the city.

There is a decent cabaret show each night from Monday through Saturday at the Ram Bar. It stars ladyboys and crossdressers. It’s good if you are in to that kind of thing. The ladyboys will usually talk to guests but the don’t normally go away with people. I guess it might be possible for someone to make a connection there. The show reminds me of the shows at Rainbow Bar in Phnom Penh.

Finally, there are ladyboys found in normal life. They have to be dated or at least chatted up before they go anywhere with guys. There aren’t as many ladyboys in Chiang Mai as you see in Bangkok, but there are certainly a few around. I’ve spotted some working in places like the Kad Suan Kaew and Central Festival shopping malls. They were all friendly and easy to talk approach and talk to.

Most ladyboys are also using apps and ladyboy dating sites. Some of the ladies on these ladyboy dating sites are freelancers or even professionals looking for money, but more are regular ladyboys looking for fun or love. The first time I ever opened the Tinder app in Chiang Mai I found a lot of ladyboys. Most of them matched with me and a few university students offered to meet up for free sex with no strings attached. Like a sore dick, that’s hard to beat.

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